The Real Question is what happens to Peter Parker

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Everyone has been looking for the answer to who is going to be the Superior Spiderman. I have been to but I have been satisfied until we find out on the 26th with a couple of viable possibilities. The ones that satisfy me are that the Superior Spiderman is going to be Alistair Smythe or Curt Connors with maybe Peter being some kind of mentor, passing down the mantle of spiderman. If these are viable possibilities, the following question is, "What happens to Peter that he gives up being Spider-man?" I know in the solicitations for #700 (spoilers if you haven't read them yet) Peter goes to Heaven and Uncle Ben tells him it's not his time and once he finishes this last fight he can quit being Spider-man, but surely he doesn't just quit. 1) That doesn't fit into the character for the last 50 years or the character Slott has been writing (no one dies). 2) If he just quit, that wouldn't make Slott hide in a bomb shelter. Changing the character wouldn't either since everyone knows that's going to happen. I'm not 100% sure killing Peter would be the thing either. If they had Peter die to inspire Smythe or Connor (who is in control of the Lizard now) to be good then that would just be a rip off of Ultimate Spiderman PP dying and inspiring Miles Morales. That's not creative enough or enough to cause people to hate him. I'm leaning either toward him being depowered or becoming paralyzed. Both of those could force him to give up the mantle and paralyzing him could be enough to cause people to hate Slott. (Or maybe Peter's body dies and he's stuck in Doc Ock's body until the jackal clones another body for Peter to have... jk... maybe)

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Or... I want to say I read somewhere that Dr Strange is supposed to be involved somehow. What if he does the whole One More Day thing again but this time makes Peter forget that he's Spider-man. That would really piss people off.

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