Superiour did what????

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in case you havent heard,the Superiour Spiderman will repower Alpha.What??!!How??!Why?? I dont know but it was said in the solistitacion from march.What is your opinion?Do you hate this like i do or are you ok with it?

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Yeah I heard this. I kinda like Alpha as a character I just didn't like the idea of Spider-man having a side-kick. I'm kind of interested to see what they do with him as he's potentially the strongest being on the planet.

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The "How" is easy. Parker only reduced Alpha's powers to be negligable. As we know, his powers will continually grow, so I'm sure some more "Parker Particles" would boost him back up.

As for my opinion, I can't really say. We don't know WHO this Superior Spider-man is yet, so his motives are in the dark. I would hope that Alpha had matured a bit and wants to truly do good, but maybe he would just be a catastrophic nuisance once again.

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@Strider92: well he is a bit too powerful the reason I didint like him is because he doesnt listen to anyone

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