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Hello all!!! 1st time poster here so forgive me if I made a mistake putting this in General Discussion....I need some help from everyone out there...

I collect Early issues of Amazing Spider-man, well I collect them all, but pre-200's are the ones I really enjoy...Anyways I'm currently on the look out for Spidey on the cover of other titles...I found and purchased 1, Uncanny X-Men #35. Does anyone out there know of any other EARLY titles with Spidey on the cover...I'm talking about Pre-1980's...I checked coverbrowser.com under Iron Man and Capt America but maybe I missed some...Any help would be appreciated...

again I'm looking for issues featuring Spider-Man on the cover but are titles for OTHER characters...

Thanks in advance everyone!!!!

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This advice might be of help.

Go to Spideys page. Under the thumbnail-pics of volumes reads: (insert number) appearances. Click that text, and you`ll see all the issues that Spidey has appeared in, including the ones that have him on covers.

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