Spider-Man's rogues more like Flash's Rogues?

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Many in media and forums have always compared Spidey's rogues to Batman but lately I have drifted away from that comparison for I view Spider-Man's rogues more in hand with the Flash's rogues. I find they have the more similar in personality and more criminally sane compared to Batman's more sociopathic villains. Does Spider-Man have his elements of insane villains, yes but most of the popular villains are on his criminal underdogs. Are Spider-Man's rogues more similar to Batman's or Flash's rogues?

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Batmans rogues where inspired by Dick Tracy

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@jonny_anonymous: Never thought of that. Interesting comment. About Flash's rogues, I can't be certain, since I'm not really familiar with them, apart from a couple of them, like Mirror Master for example.

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@jonny_anonymous: Makes sense, much like Batman is inspired from The Shadow and Zorro.

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