Spider-Man Returns

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Spider-Man Returns 
Have you ever dreamed of a sequel to the first two 3D Spider-Man Games available on PS1, N64 and PC? Well I have in fact if you have ideas for "Spider-Man Returns" post them here like I did. 

Spider-Man Returns (PS3) Spider-Man’s Controls  
Analog Stick: Move Forward, Left, Right or Backward  
Ex: Jump 
Square: Punch (Hold square or press it three times to do extra damage) 
Circle: Kick (Hold circle or press it three times to do extra damage) 
Triangle: Trap Webbing 
Square + Circle: Sneaky Grab (Must be facing the back of an enemy) 
Square + Circle, Square: Head Punch (Hold square or press it three times to do extra damage) 
Square + Circle, Circle: Butt Kick (Hold circle to do extra damage)  
Triangle + Left: Web Spikes 
Triangle + Right: Web Dome 
Triangle + Forward: Impact Webbing 
Triangle + Backward: Web Yank 
Triangle, Forward: Overhead Web Yank 
Triangle, Backward: Web Trip  
Triangle, Right or Left: Web Spin 
R1: Web Zip-Line 
R2: Web Swing (Can kick while swinging) 
L1: Target 
L2: Cycle Targets 
Spider-Man Returns (PS3) Collectibles (Instead of being a spider icon, it’s an actual collectible that’s just lying on the floor to be more realistic) 
First Aid Kit: Restores health  
Web Cartridge: Restores webbing 
Black Symbiote: Stores extra health and unlimited webbing (Replaces Spider-Armor to be more realistic)  
Magnesium Web Cartridge: Stores fiery webbing 
Freon Web Cartridge: Stores icy webbing 
Taser Web Cartridge: Stores electrical webbing
I'll post the first level and the first costume later ; )

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Sounds interisting

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OK here they are!  
Spider-Man Returns (PS3) Costumes 
Spider-Man: This is the first costume peter ever whore and is currently wearing. It grants spider-sense, wall-crawling, super strength, speed, agility and reflexes
Spider-Man Returns (PS3) Levels
Level 1 (Pictures of Me) 
Situation: At the Daily Bugle, Peter is called to arrive in John's office. 

Betty: Hey Pete, John is in the office waiting for you.
Robbie: That's funny John never wants peter.
Peter: I guess this is my lucky day!
Peter: I'm here John, just like you...
John: Peter what are you doing here? Get photos of Spider-Man now!
Peter: But I thought...
John:  But I thought nothing now get out there!
Robbie: I guess he wasn't in a good mood.
Betty: He's never in a good mood.
Peter: Well, I got to go.
Situation: This level is set in New York Rooftops like the previous starting levels and as such tells you EVERYTHING about Spider-Man’s Controls and the Collectibles thanks to Stan Lee’s voice. You start out on a building with gargoyles attached to it as Black Cat arrives to challenge Spider-Man to a race! 

Spider-Man: Ah, New York the world’s finest city.

Black Cat: Hey, Spider how about race between you and me?

Spider-Man: Oh, your own!

Situation: First, Stan explains the how Spider-Sense (Just like the Spider-Compass but more realistic) works. Second, he tells you to jump to the next building, double-jump to the slightly farther building and web swing to the wall of another building. Third, he tells you to crawl to the side of the building you’re on and web zip-line to the nearest building after targeting it. Fourth, he tells you to use what you have learned to win the race against Black Cat. If you win both of you end up on the top of a bank.

To be continued…..


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