How did you first "meet" Spider-Man?

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Probably the Spider-man game for Playstation.

Also introduced me to Venom.

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Mid 80"s when my dad bought me my first Spider-man comic (dutch translated). Got more into the "original" ones when I started to make some money :)

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On the movie.

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90s Spiderman Cartoon. The Venom saga. :D

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Issue #55

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I don't know. Spidey, Batman, and Superman were just heroes everyone already knew. But I really got into him when his movie came out, with MaGuire.

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my godmother gave me a stack of comics whenever i saw her, some x-men (first class vs sauron ) captain america (vs the punisher) and spider-man teaming up with DareDevil , a reprint of spidey meeting the fantastic four, and another of spidey being held by a bunch of his victims. innocent bystanders who were harmed in some way through spidey's actions (also first exp with venom)

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90's Cartoon for me

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The Animated series from the 90's.

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i had cleaned out my dads old boxes when i was like 6. my dad sat me down and introduced me to each of the heroes he grew up with. and than a few months later he gave me my very first comic. it was spider-man can't remember the issue. but i have it in a plastic container not because of rarity because it was my first comic ever. i grew up with the 90's cartoons. my dad had mostly x-men bats and supes. but he only let me read the ones where no one was specifically hurt. well except super-mans death

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