Gwen or Mary Jane?

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Who do you guys like better, personally like Gwen better she seemed perfect for Pete. MJ seems better for Harry and changed to fit Pete. What are your thoughts?

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I agree with you. Gwen all the way! Gwen was into science just like Peter and they just seemed great together.

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In the comics, or the films?

In the comics, MJ. In the movies, Gwen.

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Felicia Hardy

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Mary Jane. Why not Gwen? 2 words.....Sins Past.....

@spideyfan69 said:


This is better though.

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@mk111: Doesn't matter as long as you say which you did.

@mewmdude77: Totally agree to bad what's his face who wrote it(can't remember his name) thought Gwen was boring and liked MJ better. To bad John Romita Sr. liked the idea. If I had it my way It would have been MJ as Pete's first love. Have her get killed by the Goblin, and then have Gwen date Peter as,to me, his truest love

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MJ all the way.

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@Loki2u said:


Felicia Hardy

Strongly agreed.

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Personally: Betty Brant

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Mary Jane. Gwen had all the personality of a mayonnaise sandwich.

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Gwen. I feel like she shaped Peter's character with her death more than M.J. has with their now non-relationship.

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Mj for me.

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I would have said Felicia, but now that shes whoring herself to Daredevil, I don't like her nearly as much, I really wish Slott would stop being a massive D-bag and put Spidey together with Ms.Marvel, I mean this guy's whole reason for why he did Superior Spider-man was to try something different, putting him with someone as awesome as Carol would be the kind of change alot of people would be on board with.

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gwen or caroll

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Think about how the superior spiderman would act if he was with gwen

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In comics, I'd prefer Gwen if you forgot Sins Past, (totally OOC) but MJ isn't a fantastic alternative. As for movies, Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy trumps all other comic or movie girlfriends in a supermassive stomp.

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@spideyfan69 said:


I'm changing my answer now.

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I am a big supporter of Mary Jane, but lately as it's beginning to look like they're not getting together, so my support would shift to Silver Sable, I'm not sure why but I've always thought they'd make a good couple and he wouldn't have to worry about her as she could more than likely take care of herself.

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@animehunter: Interesting choice. Never really thought of that.

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@Ninjablade09: Thanks, I would say the reason for me choosing Silver Sable, is because every-time I read an issue where Spider-man & Silver Sable teamed up I always felt that she had more than a romantic interest in him and the interaction between them felt more than your average conversing and looking out for ones team-mate, it was even made more evident during ASM #679 & ASM #685, and it was played with in the last three pages of What If...? #21 - What if the Amazing Spider-Man had Married the Black Cat?

What if #21-1
What if #21-2
What if #21-3

Just a quick FYI, you might have heard she died at the end of the Ends of the Earth arc, but according to Julia Carpenter she is actually still alive and her story is far from over, also her body was never found.

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In the comics or film?

In the comics, Mary Jane. In the films, Gwen (even though The Amazing Spider-Man was one of the WORST MOVIES EVER MADE!). In the Ultimate Universe, Gwen (even though she was more of a supporting character than a love interest).

Although I prefer Ms. Marvel or Black Cat over both of them.

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@animehunter: I knew about the Julia thing. After reading those pages I see where your coming from.

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Mary Jane

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I like Ultimate Gwen better than any other Peter girlfriend 616 or otherwise.


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