Countdown to the release of Amazing Spider-man #700

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I thought it might be a good idea to place a countdown timer (based on your local time (Hope it works)) to the release of 700. ( If I could, I would like to keep this to the top of the forum list until the release)

To keep it on the top of the forum list, I would like to ask if all would help in keeping it there until the release of 700. Many Thanks

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Oh man I'm so excited for this. Hope the point one isn't necessary though as I have no cash to grab it :(

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Man, this is awesome. You rock.

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best christmas present ever.

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15days 10hours 36minutes 30seconds to go

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It's on a Wednesday at some point in the near future.

All I need to know. Not gonna bother to stare at a screen's ticking numbers or continually post "OMG 10.4 SECONDS CLOSER OMG."

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#7 Posted by TDK_1997 (17079 posts) - - Show Bio

I am excited but not that much.

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Yeah it's available in a lot of shops now. As such, it's also readily available online as well.

If you're fond of the Peter Parker character, I would heavily advise you download it, so that (on top of anything else) you're not annoyed about having wasted money.

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@Icewolf907: Sadly,, I am afraid that icewolf is correct in his assesment that it would be better to spend the afternoon cutting yourself. For Peter parker to end his fiftieth anniversary like this is unforgiveable. What happens later is beside the point.

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