Awesome Toy Picks: LEGO - Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Showdown

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Each week we look at a comic book collectible, open the package and check out what's inside. When it comes to LEGO, you really do need to open up the package. LEGO is putting out more and more great sets. It's getting hard to resist the new sets that keep popping up at the stores.

This week we're looking at the Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Showdown.


This set contains 476 pieces. The set retails for $49.99. It might seem like a lot but you do get a lot in this set. There are several figures included: Spider-Man, Nova (Sam Alexander), J. Jonah Jameson, Beetle and Doctor Doom.

The pieces are divided into five separate bags.


I've been building a lot of LEGO sets lately but this is one of my favorites. Having the Daily Bugle included might not sound like a big sell but it's pretty dang cool.


There's three floors plus the roof. There's even a fire escape. The amount of detail that was put in here is...amazing. There will indeed be plenty of showdowns happening between Spidey and Jameson.


The ground floor has a lobby with two doors. All the glass and little plant simply adds to giving this a bigger feel.

The second floor is the newsroom. It looks like Jameson has ordered someone to try to uncover the truth about Spider-Man!


The Beetle included here might look a little different from what your used to. This is the version seen in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. He's a cool looking figure as well. His wings are thin but they have a finish that makes it look like it has more layers. It kind of freaked both me and my daughter out. It's like a physical optical illusion.

The third floor is Jameson's office. There's also an opening in the ceiling of Jameson's office. Not sure why he would have one but it makes it easier for the villains to escape after threatening him.


Another great thing about this set is the inclusion of Nova. It might not be Richard Rider but it's close enough. It's a really cool LEGO figure.


Nothing like good old teamwork.

Of course we can't forget about Doctor Doom. Not that he really needs it, but he comes with his own fancy aircraft. Looks like Jameson's done something to tick him off. The ship has some sort of grappling device that can be used to carry things, or people, away.


Looks like it's up to the heroes to save Jameson once again.


I'll admit, my daughter isn't the biggest Sam Alexander fan. He's a bit of a jerk on the animated series. But you can see he managed to stop Doom. Of course Doom gets to walk away. Diplomatic immunity and all that.

Where is Spidey in all this? Someone had to rescue Jameson.


You might be wondering what the red knobs are on the building. The one up above opens the door that leads from the roof to Jameson's office. There are also some levers that allow you to cause damage to the building. The DBC sign can fly off and one of the windows shoots out. I also should mention that it comes with a mini dumpster and lamp post, seen in the first picture of the building.

That's it for this week. There will definitely be more LEGO coming. Not necessarily next week but soon. This is a great set and one that's hard to pass by.

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Looks pretty cool. How is the show any way?

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I remember when lego came in one shape and you had to use your f*****g imagination.

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Nice! Always do enjoy a good Lego spread :)

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50? Damn Legos are so expensive.

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@Loki2u said:

I remember when lego came in one shape and you had to use your f*****g imagination.

True, I remember making my own Spider-man and Green Goblin but this was well before they got the licence. If I were a kid now I would have loved these sets but I think my imagination might have suffered.

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This set is super cool, the set with venom is pretty cool too. love the LEGO minifigs.

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The spidey looks weird, too much blue. The other figures look cool tho, especially Doom!

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I'd like to see LEGOs of the Fantastic Four with Doctor Doom instead of Spider-Man.

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Saw the Spidey set last night at Target. They also had this set which I liked a lot more.

Aquaman's hair makes him look like a sea douche though.

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I have to admit, since my son was born, I now have an excuse to buy these legos for the two of us.

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@Radread said:

I have to admit, since my son was born, I now have an excuse to buy these legos for the two of us.

I know just what you mean. My daughter who is almost two also loves Spider-Man, Hulk, and Batman so I should be good to go on Legos and other toys for a while.

I do wish they would put out a pack of just mini-figures though.

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Looks pretty cool, but they could have done a better job on Jonah. I'd buy it.

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It's a pretty cool set, and I would love having Novas helmet because of how awesome it looks. But this set has so many specialty pieces I couldn't really see what else they would be used for. 7 pieces that makes Jonahs lego face doesn't seem like it could be used for anything else really.

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@Loki2u said:

I remember when lego came in one shape and you had to use your f*****g imagination.

Yeah now they just create a new shape/piece for everything nowadays.

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@Loki2u said:

I remember when lego came in one shape and you had to use your f*****g imagination.


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They even put the Latverian flag on the wings! That set looks so awesome!

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I seriously adore leggings

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They should make little hats that make their heads seem round is you want to display rather then play. Maybe I am missing the point.

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@G_Money_Christmas: Hahaha I did, in fact, mean Legos. I was so tired.

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