Amazing Spiderman Full Run Attempt

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New to the spider-boards, i think im coming to regard amazing spidermans to something of a fine aged wine. Not a big marvel reader but i got hooked on the michelinie/mcfarlane run and it has me thinking about going after the full set (1-.690?)

i have almost 100 already. has anyone ever done it? ever tried? how long did it take? did you go after all high grades, low grades or mix and match?


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I did it digitally.

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skleesh, so the art of collection really is dead isnt it.

hail the new generation of comic readers, long may you wallow in your digital corpulence

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@BringnIt: Me too digitally.....sit on your balcone with something to eat and drink,with your Laptop on the table and....enjoy yourself reading Parker stories!!!

Thats what i do!

@SamAndMax: And isnt dead (for me) i buy comics....just i have Ultimate(1-128) and Amazing(1-652) on my laptop....but i buy comicbooks occasionally!

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