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When Peter Parker was first bitten by that radioactive spider, he thought his celebrity status as the amazing Spider-Man was about to make life cushy. But he discovered right away that he couldn’t escape the ol’ Parker luck! After flirting with corruption and disaster on the rollercoaster ride of fame and success as a teen sensation, Peter may think he’s getting it under control…but he’s about to face the greatest challenge of his young life…

Spidey is perched on the wall of a police station where an elderly man is about to commit suicide. In trying to prevent the guy from jumping, Spidey says the wrong thing and he takes the leap. Luckily, Spidey catches him before he hits the ground.

Later on at Tiffany's Spidey tells her that he doesn't feel he's cut out for the hero business. She says Angel knows of a bank heist that's going down the tomorrow and Spidey questions just where Angel gets his info and wonders why he doesn't call the cops. If he did, Angle would be in danger. Spidey feels like his life is no longer his own.

The next day, just as Tiffany said, the bank job is going down. Spidey drops down and spooks the robbers, causing the driver to floor it injuring a few of the other crooks in the process. He crashes into a fire hydrant and Spidey feels like a total chump.

Angle sees the next edition o the Daily Bugle, which slams Spider-Man for endangering lives out in public. Angle thinks he should pay a visit to Jameson but Tiffany suggests otherwise, stating that Spidey isn't ready for this type of life and he's about to snap. Angel gets rough with her and tellers her that it's her job to make sure he is ready.

When Spidey stops by Tiffany's that night, she's got a black eye in addition to being wasted. Spidey finally decides to come clean and pulls of his mask but Tiffany is so hammered she says she'll be lucky if she can even remember her was here. Tiffany tells Peter that Angel is on his way to shut Jameson up for good. Just as Jameson faints from Angel's thug getting rough with him, Spidey crashes through the window. After saving Jonah's life, Spidey takes a look at the editorial he was typing and makes several alterations.

The next day, Jameson sees the Bugle headline which praises Spider-Man's crime fighting. Jameson is not pleased. Swinging off, Spidey admits what he did was childish, but he is a kid and he thinks its time he started to act like one. Stopping by Tiffany's he sees all her things are cleared out. He knows he'll never see her again and he's fine with it.

Peter's on his way home when he sees the two police cars parked in front of his house. Running inside, Peter finds aunt May crying. Peter asks where uncle Ben is. Uncle Ben is... alive? He walks in shortly after Peter. He was looking all over for Peter because he was gone for a whole week. Thankful that uncle Ben is OK, he gives him a big hug. On the TV, the news reports of an armed robber on the loose...

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