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Spidey and Deathlok fight over whether Deathlok is going to surrender, until Silvermane gets angry, and starts doing damage, starting by blowing up the Holland Tunnel. Deathlok "surrenders", but Spidey figures out that Deathlok has a plan. He tosses a Spidey-Tracer on Deathlok, and watches him go. As the Avengers mop up the Holland Tunnel mess, Spidey and Daredevil get together, and Punisher ain't far off either.

Deathlok has been lead down into Silvermane's lab. Silverman, Cicero and Scorpia are there. Also present is Mainframe. He has the power to control machines, and that includes Deathlok. So, Mainframe is gonna swap silvermane's mind out of his disembodied head, and into Deathlok's "body". Of course, in the meantime, Deathlok plans to head back the other way and try and hack Silvermane's computer system!

Of course, the cavalry is coming at this point. Spidey and Daredevil are heading through one door, kicking past Scorpia on the way. Punisher heads through the window. But what of the robot-types? Well, Deathlok has gotten into Silvermane's system, and found all his info on his bombs. But... on the other hand, Silvermane has taken over Deathlok's body! Of course, the heroes don't know it yet! All they know is that Deathlok has seemingly recovered, and want's to go score some action. He starts by shooting Scorpia... sneaky! Now the heroes trust him.

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