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Peter's roommate Randy Robertson wakes him up after a fitful sleep. Despite his reluctance, he knows he has to get up and find something newsworthy to photograph in order to pay his bills. He makes his way to the rooftop, checks around, and changes to Spider-Man. He then begins to search the city.

After court, Matt Murdock changes into Daredevil and makes his way across the city. He barely covers a few blocks when he is attacked by Spider-Man. DD tries to avoid the fight but is left with no choice. He sets Spider-Man up for a long range attack with his billy club. It strikes him in the head, rendering him unconscious, causing him to plummet toward the street. When DD rushes to check on him, there is no body.

J. Jonah Jameson is kidnapped from the Daily Bugle by someone identifying themselves as "Mad Jack". Jack is using what a variation on Mysterio's illusion technology. He explains that a great injustice has been committed upon Quentin Beck. Despite Jonah's insistence that Beck is dead, Jack reminds him that Mysterio is more than capable of faking his own death.

Daredevil locates the real Spider-Man and explains his encounter with the fake Spider-Man earlier. Spidey quickly suggests that Mysterio is behind the attack. Daredevil reminds him that he witnessed Mysterio's suicide. Spider-Man isn't convinced he's really dead and insists that more proof is needed to convince him. He's seen more than a few people come back from the dead before.

Spidey remembers that Beck had a girlfriend named Betty Schneider. She has created an empire based on her relationship with Mysterio. He suggests that he and Daredevil check into it to see if they can find any leads.

In Mad Jack's funhouse, Jack sits on a bench petting his black cat. He's having a one-sided conversation with a Mysterio costume. He's reviewing the revenge scheme with "Mysterio" when he realizes that he's left Betty Schneider out. He then sets out to correct the oversight.

At her office, Betty reviews her latest toy designs with her partner Joe Smith. He questions the legality of merging Mysterio's likeness with that of other heroes. As she rationalizes her decisions to profit from her association with Beck, the toys come to life and attack her. The Human Torch figure goes nova and their world becomes pure white light.

While on the way to look up Schneider, Spidey and DD are attacked by mechanical bats. As they defend themselves, the bats release a chemical that disorients them and contains a hallucinogenic. The last thing Spider-Man remembers is being swallowed by a giant bat.

When he regains consciousness, he is back at the penthouse that he and MJ shared. MJ is alive and informs him that "the baby" and Aunt May are still asleep.

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