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Ben tracks down the car holding Raven and rescues him. The cops arrive soon after and Kennedy informs Raven about his wife and son in the hospital. While his son survives, his wife dies leaving Raven devastated and unable to face his son who gets kidnapped from the hospital.

After teaching a class, Ben runs into Janine on campus, he apologizes for missing their date (from issue 1) and despite her being icy at first Ben asks her out to dinner again which she refuses instead suggesting they go for lunch right at that moment. Ben and Janine get along well both feeling as if they are old friends who've known each other much longer than they have. Because of Janine, Ben becomes more hopeful and happy. He also begins to play hero again waging a one man war on Tannen's mob.

Kaine and Kennedy are outside looking at the stars. Each express similar sentiments of being inextricably attracted to each other. She is his light while he is her darkness. Their relationship has progressed giving Kaine hope as Kennedy expresses her love for him. A week passes and after sharing a passionate kiss, Janine tells Ben that this can't continue. Kaine while making love to Kennedy has an episode of painful spasms due to his celluar degeneration and jumps out a window.

Ben is upset but unsurprised by Janine's actions and proceeds to a warehouse to bust up a drug operation that's being overseen by Jimmy. Ben easily takes out most of the goons but is interrupted by a surprise attack from Kaine who beats him senseless and disappears. Ceasing the opportunity Jimmy points his gun at Ben but Kennedy intervenes only to point her gun at Ben. Also emerging from the shadows is Tannen, seemingly out of jail, with Raven's son.    

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