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It's Spider-Man from cover to cover in the latest senses- shattering edition of the wall-crawler's very own ongoing magazine! Featuring four full-length comic-book adventures of the web-slinger and other Marvel heroes!

"Three Rings... of Danger!" - The Circus is in town! Sounds fun, right? Not if it's the CIRCUS OF CRIME! When Peter Parker goes to take pictures of a night under the big-top for the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man gets blamed for robbing the audience! How does he escape this magic trick?

"The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain!" - A state-of-the-art android goes berserk during a demonstration at Peter Parker's school but how can he save the school if he's in the Principal's office for fighting with the school bully, Flash Thompson?

"Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!!" - When Spidey accidentally crashes the grand opening of a community center sponsored by the Fantastic Four, The Human Torch -- ever the hot head -- takes offense. Will the two heroes tempers get the best of them or will cooler heads prevail?

"Reading, Writing and a Robot" - Peter Parker, is having a hard time concentrating in school: he's got to worry about a grumpy teacher, an angry bully, and the ultimate in pest-control - THE SPIDER-SLAYER! How can Spider-Man defeat the relentless robot when Peter is supposed to be in class?

"The Man Called Electro!" - As s Peter Parker didn't have enough to worry about being a typical high school student, his Aunt May has been rushed to the hospital, his boss J. Jonah Jameson continues to call Spider-Man a menace every day in the Daily Bugle, and there's a shocking new bad guy in town, Electro, who's looking to make a name for himself... by taking down Spider-Man!

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