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Surreal for Surrealities Sake

The previous reviewers must have been expecting something different than I did when I started reading this comic. It has a completely ludicrous storyline, which is to be expected when telling a story like this one. The dialogue of the characters is very much "Bronze Age"  and evokes a classic comic book feeling. The insane art reminds me of the hallucinogenic art from the early parts of Moore's Saga of Swamp Thing. 
If you are like me and can enjoy something that is wierd just for the sake of being weird,  then give this comic a read. If you are expecting deep plot structures, in depth characterization, or a normal super-hero story, then this is probably not for you. 
By far not the best comic I have read in a while, but it was exactly as good as I expected it to be.

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Posted by ninjastorm

I really like this comic.ninjastorm

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Posted by Leliel

I do like this story it has old throw back feel to it and the insane art can be good if moderated

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