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Word has spread around that Spiderman is a weakling who runs from a fight. This has happened just after Spiderman decided to duck out of a fight with the Green Goblin, when the Human Torch showed up. 
J.J.Jameson is very happy that the menace, Spiderman is at last being publicly disgraced. He goes over to Ms. Betty Brant to express his joy, but finds her in tears. She informs him about Peter Parker's aunt's sickness and tells him that she is upset. Then she goes away and is secretly angry with Peter because of his recent nuiscance at a party. 
Here, Peter is desparately trying to find some quick money. He tries to make his name at a comics department but is ignored. Then he tries to sell his web formula at a chemical factory, but is scorned due to its non-permanent nature. On the way back, he runs into


. Sandman gives him a tough fight. Spiderman ends up exposing his face while trying to save the people from falling debris. He runs away to protect his identity and people scorn him once again. 
Flash Thompson desparately tries to clear Spiderman's name. He dresses up as Spiderman once again. This time he comes across a bunch of carjackers. He finds himself in serious trouble when they attack him together. The police arrive in time to save him, but he ends up with minor injuries.  
Peter Parker dumps his Spiderman suit out of frustation. Even Betty Brant ignores him. But

Aunt May

's words move him. She is sick, yet she still wants to be independent. Peter understands his responsibility and digs up his Spiderman suit once again. Spiderman lives! 
Spiderman runs into Sandman outside a building. The fight gets inside the building, where confined spaces prove to be a disadvantage for Spiderman. Yet still he manages to hold out his own against Sandman. He picks up a big vacuum cleaner and sucks Sandman inside. Next he shoots some photos to sell and lugs away the vacuum cleaner to the police station.

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