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Speed Queen is one of the junior Female Furies and uses jet-powered roller skates to move at sonic speeds.

Alongside the Female Furies, Speed Queen has battled many heroes, such as Superboy, Hawk and Dove, as well as the Sovereign Seven.

Major Story Arcs

Countdown to Final Crisis

For more information see: Outsiders: Five of a Kind - Martian Manhunter/Thunder

Speed Queen was an early casualty in the 'Death of the New Gods' storyline. After realizing that the mysterious God-Killer is stalking her, she attempts to enlist the help of Grayven. Unfortunately, she is too late and is brutally murdered right before his eyes.

Other Media


DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

Speed Queen and the Female Furies in Super Hero High
Speed Queen and the Female Furies in Super Hero High

Speed Queen is a member of the Female Furies, and is among them when they attack the Super Hero High under Granny Goodness commands. She is voiced by Mae Whitman.

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