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Spawn decides to find Wanda, but fears her reaction to what he's become. With his new powers, he attempts to change his ravaged features, with disappointing results. Exhausted, he collapses, only to be taunted by a foul-mouthed dwarf in clown makeup.


This comic opens with Violator having a lil one on one talk with himself showing off his crude like personality. As it continues spawn is still searching for himself trying to figure out who exactly he is and where his wife is! the comic still in almost a prelude like stage, with a lil more action than the first thanks to the now present violator. well not to give off to much the comic ends with a cliff hanger (as most comics do) involving Spawn and Violator!

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Sophomore Blues 0

Take all of the insane, ugly evil that is The Joker and Green Goblin, add a dash of Loki and you have The Violator. He could be Danny DeVito. He could sound an awful lot like Gilbert Gottfried. He will be Spawn's worst nightmare. Or so he claims, while monologuing. That's how the second issue of Spawn opens. With The Violator basically saying, "Get a load 'a' me!"Spawn's interior monologue continues as he tries to make sense of his condition.Five pages in, and there is something that resembles a...

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