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O'Damia is a mutant with the abilities of flight, enhanced vision, reflexes and agility. Her wrist armor contains sharp blades, crackling with an some kind of energy. Ultron later replaced her entire nervous system with mechanical implants controlled by a black box. She eventually rested control of the box from Ultron. Now she can fully control her own nervous system. She has taken advantage of the changes to shield herself from physical and emotional pain.

She is a former agent of an unspecified United States government agency. She was later recruited into the Underground Legion. She was the lover of its initial leader Blackwulf/Pelops. She was extremely traumatized in "Blackwulf" #2 (July, 1994) when she received a mail package containing Pelops' decapitated head. Pelops was succeeded as Blackwulf by his younger brother Lucian. She initially suspected Lucian of killing his own brother and consistently provoked him to face her in combat. In #6 , they did fight against each other and Lucian had a chance to kill her but declined to. Convinced he was not a murderer, Sparrow would prove to be one of his most useful allies.

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