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When Sora was newly born, his heart was sent to Ventus to heal him which was the cause of Vanitas looking like Sora. When Sora was 4, Ventus' own heart came and merged with Sora's which was the cause of Roxas looking like Ventus.

Sora was a fourteen year old who lived in Destiny Islands. He spent almost all his childhood with his competitive friend Riku. Other notable residents from Destiny Islands include Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII and Tidus and Wakka from Final Fantasy X. Sora usually played and fought with Riku and Tidus. One night, a girl named Kairi arrived and Sora felt something for her. Sora, Kairi, and Riku lived happy in the island, but Sora soon realizes his feelings for Kairi are coming deeper and stronger, as does Riku. Sora and Riku became a little competitive for Kairi´s attention. One day Riku threw Sora a paopu fruit and told him that if two people share it, their destinies will cross and will be together forever. Sora and Riku even had a race to determine who would share the paopu with Kairi.

Sora, Kairi, and Riku planed to leave the Islands to find and explore new worlds. They built a raft gathered supplies for their journey. One day Selphie spoke to Sora about the paopu fruit, he later spoke to Tidus who told him that Riku whipped them yesterday in the fights and that Kairi would surely stay with him. Sora became jealous and walked towards the secret cave under the waterfall.

Sora´s drawing only it didn´t have Kairi´s arm
Sora´s drawing only it didn´t have Kairi´s arm

Inside the cave, he observed and reminisced on the drawings they all made when they were little, but two were special. The drawings he and Kairi made years ago, Sora drew Kairi and Kairi drew Sora. Sora sat down and started adding something extra to the drawings, a hand extended to Kairi with a paopu fruit, demonstrating for the first time his very strong feelings for Kairi. A man and Sora thought it was a friend and he was ashamed they saw their prove about what he felt for Kairi. The man talked to him about the other worlds and Sora looked kind of worried, but the man vanished. Sora didn´t knew what happened, but he forgot about that day. One night a storm came to Destiny Island where the "Door" to the other worlds was opened by beings known as Heartless. The Heartless arrived and began their assault on Destiny Island. Sora saw the storm out of his bedroom window and ran out worried about the raft. When he gets there he notices Riku and Kairi's boats are already tied up there, so he begins to search for his friends. He finds Riku and discovers that Riku has accepted the door as a gateway to more worlds and disappears. By the Door he finds Kairi but something appears to be wrong. That when the Door is blasted open by a blast of wind sending Kairi her falling towards him. He opens his arms to catch her but she vanishes on contact, and he is here told outside. It was then that Sora mysteriously gained the powerful Keyblade which he uses to fight his way through the Heartless. Coming upon a giant one, he runs only that world is disappearing, so he turns and fights. Unfortunately, Destiny Island gets destroyed and Sora became lost in an inter-dimensional gateway and eventually lands on a new World.

The three of them also learn that the villain Maleficent (From Sleeping Beauty) is planning to kidnap the seven Princesses of Heart that will open the door to Kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds. They also reunite with Riku for a sort time who then disappears. Riku is tricked into joining Maleficent, who promised to help him find Kairi. Maleficent also convinces Riku that Sora had abandoned him and Kairi for his new friends. When Riku finds Kairi, he cannot locate her heart, and jumps to the conclusion that the heartless have taken it and searches for a way to get it back.



Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland is the first destination that Sora, Donald, and Goofy land on. In this world, Sora meets many Alice in Wonderland characters such as the Doorknob, Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Rabbit, and Alice herself. The Queen of Hearts has Alice on trial for attempting to steal her heart. Sora know this is not true and is do to the Heartless, and Donald warns him they are not suppose to medal in other worlds affairs, but Sora ignores him. The Queen does not believe Sora's excuse with him having to leave mentioning the Heartless out of it, and is ordered to find proof of his statement or he would suffer the same fate as Alice who is lock up in the meanwhile. Sora, Donald, and Goofy would battle through the Heartless, and then the Queen of Hearts and her army of cards. Eventually, Sora and his friends emerge victorious and Sora uses his Keyblade to seal the first Keyhole, which just so happens to be the doorknob's mouth. Preventing any new Heartless from entering and taking over the world.

Olympus Coliseum

On the next world, Sora and his friends find themselves at the Olympus Coliseum from Hercules. Sora meets Hercules and his trainer Philoctetes.

Olimpus Colisseum
Olimpus Colisseum

Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle
Deep Jungle

Tarzan’s Deep Jungle was the next stop, where Sora would meet Tarzan and Jane. Sora is separated from Donald and Goofy when they crash land during an argument. Sora asks Tarzan if he has seen his friends Riku and Kairi, still made from the fight. Tarzan says something in Gorilla along with "see friends". Sora asks Tarzan to take him to them, and follows him. He is reunited with Donald and Goofy at the camp sight. Clayton says that they haven't seen any others besides them so they must be with the Gorilla's demanding to be taken there. But Kerchak the Gorilla leader wont let them pass. Tarzan teams up with Sora and his friends to battle their way through the Heartless. They eventually fight their way through successfully, and defeat Clayton, who was take over by the Heartless, Kerchak later trusts Sora and friends lets them pass. Tarzan takes them into a chimney stack cave behind a water fall that is empty alone from a beautiful tree. That were Jane figures out that the Gorilla word Tarzan must have been saying meant Heart, and what he was trying to say our friends are in our hearts. Sora is then able to use his Keyblade to seal the Keyhole that reveals itself on the tree, keeping the heartless from stealing anymore hearts from the Deep Jungle world.

Agrabah and the Cave of Wonders

In Aladdin’s Agrabah, Sora meets Aladdin, Abu, Jasmine, Genie, the Magic Carpet, Jafar, and Iago. Aladdin has just come back from the Cave of Wonders


with Genie's lamp. Meanwhile Jasmine has fled the palace and taken to hiding in the streets. Jafar set on being sultan sends Heartless out to find her. She is captured while Sora and the group try to protect her from Heartless, were Sora also meet Jafar. When Sora meets Aladdin and tells him about what happened to Jasmine he teams up with Sora, Donald, and Goofy to get Jasmine back. When they all corner Jafar ant the palace gates, Aladdin tries to wish Jasmine free, holding the lamp behind him. But Iago steals the lamp from him before the wish can be granted and gives it to Jafar. Jafar retreats back into the Cave of Wonders were the Keyhole happens to be to meet with Maleficent and gathers more power. Sora, Aladdin, Donald, and Goofy race to defeat him, and emerges victorious after their battle. Sora then readies his Keyblade and closes the door to the world, completing another mission, but it seems that Jafar is not yet beaten. The group leaves Jasmine by the closed Keyhole and stops Jafar in Genie form for good. They rush back to get Jasmine as the cave begins to crumble, only to find he gone, taken by Maleficent. It is all Sora, and Goofy can do to stop Aladdin in his desperation from staying behind, as the Carpet flies them out of there.


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Monstro from Pinocchio is a world but it's actually a big whale. In this world Sora, Donald, and Goofy find a walking puppet. Jiminy Cricket pops out of Sora's pocket and quickly recognizes that the walking puppet was Pinocchio. Then later on Pinocchio sees Riku standing off in a distance, then Pinocchio wanders off to see who it was. When Sora and his friends find Pinocchio they also find Riku. Riku ran off with Pinocchio. Then Sora finds Riku again and Riku explains why he's taken Pinocchio. He took Pinocchio for his heart.


Atlantica from the Little Mermaid is another world that Sora visits. In this world Donald transforms Sora into a Merman, Goofy into a sea turtle,


and himself into a half octopus in order to breath and travel around the underwater world. Right away they meet Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian as they swim from Heartless. After defeating the Heartless Ariel notices that you a somewhat not familiar with swimming so Flounder and Sebastian teach you how. As you enter the palace King Trident stops the following Heartless from from entering, but notices that Sora has the Keyblade. He leaves it be until you help Ariel bring a statue of the prince back for her collection. Trident blasts the statue to peaces sending Ariel crying from her room. When she is out he follows to scold you for helping Ariel in her obsession, Saying as the Key barer he has the duty to not interfere with matters of other worlds. Ariel fleeing from her Father runs into Ursula who tricks her into a terrible deal. Sora teams up with Ariel and battle Ursula, who has taken possession of Trident's trident. After defeating her in battle, using the trident to reveal the Keyhole Sora seals it shut.

Halloween Town

Halloween Town
Halloween Town

The next world is Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sora, Donald, and Goofy disguise themselves as monsters to fit in. They meet Jack Skellington, who joins them. It seams that Jack is fascinated by the Heartless and wonts to use them in his upcoming Halloween party, but he's not getting them to do what he wants right. He goes to see the Mad Dr. for help. That Mad Dr. has Sora and friends get ingredients to make a heart. Lock, Shock, and Barrel (Oogie Boogies henchmen) over hear and go to tell Oogie. When the heart is complete Lock, Shock, and Barrel steel it and give it to Oogie Boogie who wants to control the Heartless. After being beaten once, he turns into a giant using his house as part of him. Sora takes him down by hitting his week points. When Oogie vaporizes the Keyhole reveals itself to have been under them the whole time. Sora has to aim the Keyblade in the air to shoot the magic out to scatter over the Keyhole to lock it, do to its enormous size.

Never Land

In Never Land, Sora is teams with Peter Pan to battle Captain Hook. With Peter Pan in the party, he allows Sora, Donald,

tower of London
tower of London

and Goofy to fly. Peter Pan is originally there to free Wendy. Sora first see Kairi again there but also finds out that Riku has joined the Heartless. The team scours the boat for Wendy and Kairi. They find them one cabin above them, seeing them through a grate in the floor Kairi is unresponsive, but when Sora reaches out to her both with his hand and his heart she just barely twitches her fingers. They are both taken away before they can rescue them. Peter Pan is able to find Wendy and takes off leaving Sora stuck on Hooks ship. He does return to help Sora get away. Unfortunately Riku gets away with Kairi. Peter Pan takes them to the Big Ben in London were as Sora flies around the clock finds and seals the Keyhole that is in one of the clock faces.

Hollow Bastion

Hollow Bastion
Hollow Bastion

Sora, Donald, and Goofy would eventually reach Hollow Bastion. This is the home world of Ansem and Leon. Maleficent is using this world as her headquarters and would eventually battle Sora. Sora first encounters Riku waiting for him at Hollow Bastion. Riku was able to take Sora’s Keyblade away from him, telling Sora that he was just a “delivery boy” and that Riku is the true wielder. Despite Sora choosing light and Riku choosing dark, Riku had a stronger heart then Sora which made him the better wielder. With the Keyblade being in the hands of Riku, Donald and Goofy are forced to abandon Sora and join the new Keyblade wielder. However, Riku then chooses darkness on his own free will, and with Sora choosing light on his on free will, the Keyblade returns to its rightful wielder. With the Keyblade returned to Sora, he battles Riku and would defeat him. This happens when Riku attack Sora to get ride of him. Goofy jumps in front of Riku's dark bast using his shield to save Sora. Riku thinks that Goofy is willing to betray his King in order to save Sora, but Goofy says that he would never betray the King but he wouldn't betray his friends either. As Donald goes over to Sora too Sora tells Riku that its not the size of the heart that matters, but the friends that gives his heart its strength. Thats when the Keyblade abruptly leaves Riku and goes back to Sora. Afterwards, Riku meets a man in a cloak and gives in to the darkness.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue forward and would encounter Maleficent. The three of them battle Maleficent and would defeat her also. She escapes into the inner chamber and they continue forward following her into the inner chamber, where they encounter Riku yet again. However, this time Riku is possessed by Ansem’s Heartless. Maleficent offers Ansem help to defeat Sora. Ansem uses the dark Keblade and unlocks her heart true darkness and she turns into a dragon. Another battle ensues between Maleficent and Sora, Donald, and Goofy. The three of them largely overwhelmed still eventually defeats Maleficent for good.

Afterwards, Ansem reveals to Sora that Kairi is one of the Princess of Heart. However, her heart was not with the Heartless but was in Sora’s body ever since

Sora´s sacrifice
Sora´s sacrifice

the destruction of Destiny Island. Sora engages in a battle against Ansem (Still possessing Riku’s body). Sora defeats Ansem, but unwilling to lose Kairi used the Dark Keyblade to unlock his heart and free Kairi’s heart. Kairi’s heart returns to her body while Sora's is lost to the darkness and turns into a Heartless himself. However, with Kairi awakened, she was able to help Sora turn back to normal by first by talking but then by embracing him. Afterwards, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Kairi arrive at Traverse Town. Sora runs to the Town´s sewer, were Kairi was.

He walked with Donald and Goofy as he sees Kairi seeing at the nowhere. Donald and Goofy leaves as Sora approaches to talk to her.

"The light.. at the end of he tunnel" said Kairi

"Oh, your Grandma´s story, right?" said Sora. Kairi turned her head surprised Sora knew it.

"Thats right, we were together" said Kairi with a relaxed face.

"You know what´s funny? - as Sora walked closer to Kairi- I looked everywhere for you, but you were with me all along... and now we are together again Kairi! ...and now its time to get Riku back..." said Sora

"Do you think it will ever be the same again between us? Riku´s lost his..." said Kairi dissapointed

"When I turned into a heartless.. you saved me remember?" said Sora. Sora had a flashback. Sora appeared falling into nothingness and darkness

"I was lost in the darkness, I couldn´t find my way, as I stumbled in the dark, I started forgetting things, like my friends, who I was, the darkness almost swallowed me.... But then I heard a voice, your voice -as Sora is shown in present- you brought me back!"

"I didn´t wanted just to forget about you Sora, I couldn´t" said Kairi

"That´s it! our hearts are connected and the lights from our hearts broke through the darkness... I saw that light!, I think that´s what saved me" said Sora happy "No matter how deeper is the darkness, a light shines within... I guess is more than just a fairytale"

"Well, let´s go!" said Kairi

"You can´t go!" said Sora preoccupied

"Why not?" said Kairi a little angry

"Because it´s way to dangerous!" said Sora not wanting to loose Kairi again

"C´mon Sora! , we made it this far by sticking together.. you can´t go alone!" said Kairi

"Kairi, even if we´re apart, we are not alone anymore... right?" said Sora

"I can´t help?" said Kairi still a bit angry

"You kinda be in my way" said Sora in a buffoon way.

Kairi laughed "Okey, you win" Kairi closed her eyes and took Sora´s hand. She put out somethin and gave it in Sora´s hand.

"Take this- Sora saw the oathkeeper in his hand- "It´s my luckycharm, be sure to bring it back to me!" said Kairi

"Don´t worry, I will" as Sora closed his hand, holding the charm

"Promise? asked Kairi

" Promise" promised Sora

"Dont ever forget, wherever you go I am always with you" said Kairi

After finding Ansem, he reveals his true intentions to Sora. Ansem explains that he seeks the Kingdom Hearts, as he believed that it holds true Darkness power. When Ansem opens the door it ends up destroying Ansem, because a Sora puts it "The heart my be week, and sometime it my give in, but deep down inside there is a light that never goes out"; That makes him sure the Kingdom Hearts is light, do the light being to intense for him to stand. The door is then revealed to be the gateway between light and dark, and with King Mickey and Riku on the other side. The plan was to close and seal the door from both sides, with Sora being on the light side and King Mickey and Riku sealing it on the Dark side. Sora sees the many Heartless approaching the door on the other side and Riku agrees to close it as he said "C´mon together" Sora and Riku close the door, only that if he closes the door

he would be losing Riku possibly forever. While the door was closing, Riku said the final words "Take care of her..."

All five of them close the door and seals it with their own Keyblades. All the worlds begin reconstruction.

Sora turns and sees Kairi looking at the floor far away as he runs to her.

"Kairi!" shouted Sora. Kairi lifted her head

"Sora!" shouted Kairi as well. Sora walked towards her and they were too close. Suddenly a crack on the ground was heard and the ground shakes. Kairi almost fell as Sora took her hand. Where Kairi was stepping it began to be drifted away from Sora. as both of them were being separated, their hands were holding and Sora realized she was being taken away.

"Kairi, remember what you said before? Im always with you too, I´ll come back to you, I promise!"

"I know you will!" shouted Kairi and in an instance, their hands separated. Sora watched how Kairi was slowly drifted away into a new recreated Destiny Islands. Kairi´s face was sad knowing she might never see Sora again. Suddenly, sparkles were falling from the sky. Both of them were watching the sparkles. Kairi lifted her head as lights came out from the ocean and flown to the night sky and formed the stars. Kairi watched how Sora was being unseen by the lights until he completely disappeared. Kairi was sad but she made thought that Sora might come back, so she gave a smile.

The night has passed and it was a bright day. Kairi walked towards the secret cave. She looked to the drawings that Riku, Sora and herself had made when

Kairi in the Secret Cave
Kairi in the Secret Cave

they were younger, only kids. with her hand she touched the stones were the drawings were and walked with her hand touching the stone. Suddenly, she stopped. She raised her head and contemplated something... the drawing she and Sora

Papou drawing
Papou drawing

made. She stared at the modification Sora made, the arm stretching to Kairi with a papou fruit and Kairi knew what that meant. She saw Sora drawing it, turned to her and smile. Kairi´s hand tried to reach Sora, but it became sparkles. Kairi sat on her knees as she smiled and a tear was falling through her face. Kairi realized what Sora felt for her was real. Kairi now awaits for Sora and Riku, to return to the Islands...

Sora would continue to team up with Donald and Goofy again to continue their search for Riku, and King Mickey. As they travel down a lonely road through

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

grassy hill Pluto crosses their path (not seen since Traverse Town) with a letter in his mouth stamped by the Kings Seal. They run off after Pluto, only to have him get away Sora encounters a cloaked man one night at a cross roods as the others are asleep, who would later be revealed to be from Organization XIII, and he tells Sora that he will find what he needs but will lose something he cares about. He turns and goes off down one path and the other disappear along with him, Sora and his friends are left with one option, to go down the rood the cloaked person took. Up the rood they come across a castle called Castle Oblivion. As the three of them ascend upwards, unknown to them they are slowly losing their memories. It is then revealed that Organization XIII wanted to capture and use Sora and his Keyblade ability to there ends. It is also revealed that they are using a girl named Naminé, who is the Nobody of Kairi (It is revealed that they are the opposite of the Heartless, a empty vestal with no heart and often created when a Heartless is created, they are never truly suppose to exist). Naminé has the ability to rewrite the “chains of memories” in a person’s heart to whatever it is she desires, or in this case the Organization tells her.


Eventually Sora’s chain of memories would be altered to the point where he believes that he has never been in Twilight Town. There, Sora meets one of Organization XIII’s member named Vexen (Even), where he reveals to Sora that Twilight Town existed “on the other side of Sora’s heart.” However, before Sora was able to gain more answers, Vexen was destroyed by one of Orgainzation XIII’s member named Axel (Lea). Sora continues his adventure with Donald and Goofy until they learn that a couple of members of the Organization named Marluxia and Larxene were planning to overthrow Xemnas by using Naminé to manipulate Sora into doing him in. When Axel discovers their plan, he persuades Naminé into “doing the right thing” by revealing Sora his true memories. Sora would learn that Naminé does not exist and that it was a plan to keep him from remembering about Kairi. Riku then reappears and engages in a battle with Sora, to which Sora defeats him. When Sora tries to help Riku, he attacks Sora again and forces Naminé to reveal his real memories. However, in doing this caused Riku to break his heart and collapses unconsciously on the floor. It is then revealed that this Riku was a copy created by Vexen. Still unknown to Sora the real Riku is in the castle too just behind him, but unlike Sora he is battling the darkness that is still within him. The remains of the heartless Ansem that still clings to his heart. Sora then battles Larxene and defeats him, then he forgives Naminé for her actions. She then promises Sora, Donald, and Goofy that she will restore their memories when they reach the 13th floor in the castle. The three of them eventually make it to the top where Axel was attempting to defeat Marluxia himself. How eveer, Marluxia grabs Naminé and uses her as a shield, forcing Sora to step in and defeat Axel before he kills her. Afterwards, Sora and his friends battle Marluxia and would emerge victorious. Naminé then tells Sora that the three of them must step into the pod and sleep while it restores their memories. She also reveals to them that they will lose their link with Naminé and the memory's of what has transpired after the process is complete, and that it will take a very long time.

One year later, Roxas eventually discovers Sora, Donald, Sora is now and Goofy stored inside pods. After Sora was free, the two meet each other and merge together, restoring all of Sora’s memories.


Sora is a 15 year old boy, along with his friends Donald and Goofy. With their memories restored (Except for the events that happened at Castle Oblivion), they go back to Twilight Town to regroup and find out were they are. The three of them decide to continue their mission to find King Mickey and Riku. In town they meet and learn from Hayner, Pence, and Olette that a person resembling King Mickey is at the train station. There they encounter the Nobodies for the first time (that they know of). They are rescued but the King who tells them to get on the train that it knows were to take them, and leaves before they can say or do anything. As Sora says goodbye to Hayner, Pence, and Olette he sheds a tear but does not know why, probably from the Roxas that is now in him. The three of them on the train head to the tower in Twilight Town where it is the home of Yen Sid, a powerful sorcerer. There they run into Mickey oldest nemesis Pete. Pete is trying to make an army form Maleficent not knowing that she is gone. Sora seeked advice from Yen Sid and would also gain new clothing from the faries named Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Sora gains new powers from his new clothing, the magical power is explained to him to be gained from the heart of his and all his friends, giving him the power to change form each having different abilities. The Forms are Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final, and Shadow Form. Each needing Donald, Goofy, and sometimes his friends to help him. The Shadow Form is not chosen but comes up randomly when he choses to change Forms. The three of them set of on their mission to find Riku and King Mickey, and hopefully then to Kairi.

Learning from Yen Sid that the worlds have still not returned to peace and that there is a new threat in the Organization XIII they set out on another journey to save the worlds from heartless and Nobodies alike. Also, Maleficent is resurrected and is looking for a new Castle to rule from do to the one in Hollow Bastion being destroying and the people taking the world back. She wants revenge on Sora but learns from Pete that there is another group called Organization XIII that has come to power since she has been gone. Now that the doors to the other worlds are doors closed she tries to find other ways of travel.

First arriving back in Hollow Bastion the group fined it being rebuilt. Leon and the others have started a committee called the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, that is in charge of the towns protection and rebuilding. They make and give Sora, Donald, and Goofy honorary membership cards as gifts. At the bailey on the edge of town Leon shows them there problem. In the distance is the heartless temporary castle and in between an ocean of heartless soldiers. Along with the new enemy the Nobodies scattered all about away from the heartless. Just at that they hear a voice and the whole group of Organization XIII out of dark portals to stand above and in front of Sora and the others there presence is profoundly ominous. Making their presence known and warning them not to interfere they leave, except one who came done to confront Sora. Sora orders him to move aside, but he only laughs at him. Saying this isn't the kiddy league anymore and he should just run on home. Sora just stands ready to fight glaring at him. The Organization member just laughs again saying yeah he gave me that look to and disappears. The card Yuffie gave him begins to glow and Sora uses the Keyblade on it to open a portal to other new worlds. Hollow Bastion becomes the center of many problems that unfold you are first summoned back by Merlin who has rediscovered Winnie The Pooh’s story book and knowing how close Sora was with him decides to tell you first. Merlin goes out to tell the others but Sora can’t wait and goes into the book to see Pooh Bear at first everything seems to be fine, but Sora gets yanked out of the book when heartless attack. They tear several pages from the book and scattered them across the worlds, Sora quickly goes back to see if Pooh is alright but Pooh has forgotten about everyone. Sora has to return many times to completely restore Pooh’s book. Another group of group of good new is discovered. First Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet up with Cloud again, who is still looking to defeat Sephiroth which he believes once he defeats will get rid of all the darkness in him. The best news is that Leon has found the hidden lab and computer used by Ansem the Wise in his research of the heartless, and that the king is there waiting for them. Sora is so eager to find Riku and learn more about Nobodies. Stitch falls from the ceiling onto the keyboard; Donald jumps up to chase him off. The computer has alarms go off, and the computer says “any further misuse of this terminal will cause the use of forced”. Then Donald takes another causes step setting the alarms off again and the MCP hits them with a beam that digitizes them and sends them into the computer to Tron’s world. They meet Tron in the pit cell. Tron is a defense program used by Ansem called DTD. The MCP is taking control off the whole system. Sora gets back out and finds the password to restore the DTD to its full potential. DTD turns out to stand for DOOR TO DARKNESS. That’s when the king shows up and fills them in on things that have been happening. And that the door to the darkness can only be opened by the princess of heart which makes their names the password. King Mickey orders him to go and give Tron that password, Sora and the others don’t want to leave him because they still have so many questions, but the King promises he won’t be going anywhere he needs to protect the computer. After Tron puts the password in the MCP tries to take over the whole system, but Tron changes the password to stop it. Using the information the MCP was able to gather to crank out heartless into the world. It also wreaks havoc with the defense program. Cid starts to write a program to (De-rezz) delete the MCP for good. Sora and the others get Tron to the IO tower to receive the download. Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Tron race to delete the MCP. First they stop the MCP’s second in charge Stark. After Stark is down they go after the MCP. Once the MCP is gone Tron says good-bye to his friends and jumps into the pit that the MCP used to be in. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy get out of the computer I seams Tron has taken the place of the MCP. He gives them a treat for their help. He makes the town look the why it use to be. Aerith tells them that the Town wasn’t always called Hollow Bastian it us to be called Radiant Gardens. With that they leave the town safe from the Heartless and Nobodies.

In the next word you reunite with Mushu how is helping (Mulan) Ping get into the royal army. Sora, Donald, and Goofy see him making a shadow of himself against a flat stone pillar, and think he’s a heartless. When they jump out to get him he hides behind (Mulan) Ping. Discovering its Sora and the others he introduces Ping saying that he is trying to get HIM into the army. Goofy is the only one to see through the disguise that (Ping) Mulan is a girl. Mulan likes that it fooled them, But Mushu says he’s not sure that Sora and Donald would fall for just about anything. Mushu asks if they can help Mulan and they decide since her help them why not return the favor. At camp they get in a fight with the other three main army characters in the food line which the Captain brakes up. The Admiral is not impressed with Ping but Sora talks him in to giving them three chances to prove them selves all adequate, even though it was only “Ping” he had a problem with. Mushu see the Hun Leader (Shan- Yu) go into a cave when you get up in the mountains and instead of tell the Captain, they go to fight him themselves only to get caught in a trap. When they get free the town and the soldiers outside have been attacked. To redeem themselves for there mistake they go to fight him alone. After fighting of a small army of heartless Mulan uses a cannon to cause an avalanche, to berry the Hun leader. When Mushu gets out of the snow he blows of his mouth in front of the Captain giving away Mulan’s secret. Mulan is then dismissed and told to be never seen again. On the way down the Mountain She sees the Hun leader pop out of the snow and go down to the Imperial City. Sora and the others with Mulan run to the city to warn the Captain. They get there just in time to guard the front door. After the leader is defeated, they are all honored and Mulan is give the sword of Shan-Yu. This is the next portal for Sora to open. When saying good-byes the Captain is embraced by the Emperor for being so blunt in saying that if he wishes to win the heart of Fa Mulan he will have to work very hard. Sora and the group come back later to stop the Organization from doing damage. Sora first encounters the disguised Riku as he leads them up to the mountain top to show them that the Organization have sent a dragon to attack the city. Riku continues to go and warn the Emperor of the danger, but says that three wise guys had shown up and they would take care of it. Before reaching the Emperor the four meet the Organization Member Xigbar, who instead of fighting them directly summands heartless to fight them and he makes a hasty escape. After Sora and the others beet the dragon they are give the chance for anything to be their’s, but all Sora wants to know is what the man in the black hood said to him. After the Emperor tells them Sora is sure it was Riku but doesn’t know why he would be in the Organization. Mulan asks for the Captain to be given a vacation so that they can spend some time together since the have become in love. The Emperor he can not let the Captain go in the time of need but she can work beside him. The two embrace making Sora go into a daze wondering about Kairi, which Donald and Goofy tease him about.

Beast's Castle

Sora’s first time to Beast’s Castle is like most worlds abruptly shaken by the appearance of the heartless. Sora, Donald, and Goofy fight them off in Beast’s sitting room where his magic rose is resting on a table. The heartless keep on coming and Sora is starting to get tired. Luckily for them that is when Beast makes his entrance, sweeping the heartless away with mighty blows. Sora thanks Beast for the save, but Beast just whaps him aside, with out even a falter in his step. He picks up his rose cradling it in his arms and leaves. Worried something must be wrong with him Sora, Donald, and Goofy follow him out into the entrance hall were Goofy thinks he sees a girl go off down the east wing. They follow the hall to a room where Belle is. She is very grateful for them being there that she picks up Donald and smothers him in a hug while he struggles in discomfort. Belle thinks that they are there because of Beasts odd change. She tells them that Beast would be in the west wing, but they must set his servants free from the dungeons were Beast has locked them. After fighting a defeating a guardian heartless placed in the dungeons door they free Coggsworth, Mrs. Pots, and Lumbeair they make they way to Beast’s room. It seems that one of the Organization has tricked beast into not trusting anyone, and Sora has to beet some sense back into him. Beast immediately goes to punish him, but they all get side tracked by Belle’s calls for help in the ballroom. The Organization member Xaldin has set a large chained heartless on Bell, and Sora and the gang all work together to defeat it. This unlocks a secret magic in Beast’s rose causing it to glow allowing Sora to open the next pathway. Sora and the gang leave thinking that things are alright, but return to see that Xalden is not quite done with his tricks. Interrupting Bell’s and Beast’s dance to tell Beast that he will take something dear to him. Beast immediately protects Belle but saving her from the Nobodies realizes that that is not what Xaldin meant. He rushes to his room to see that his rose has been taken. Believing that all hope of him returning to normal has gone he orders Belle and Sora to leave. Belle leaves the room disheartened, and Sora and his group leave, confused to why he would do such a thing, to stop in front of Coggsworth, Mrs. Pots, and Lumbeair explain the secret of the rose. Sora goes back in to Beast to give him a pep talk, reminding him what the castle was like before Belle came and that the rest of his servants were depending on him as well. Beast, faith restored, goes to confront Xalden. Belle watching from her balcony as they enter the castle courtyard sees the rose next to her. Picking it up she shouts to Beast that she’s found it; while Xalden grabs her from behind. He leaps across the courtyard to the bridge, with Beast and Sora right behind. Xalden feeling as though he has won says to the Beast that he will be leaving lightly so what should he leave behind. Beast started panicking, and yelled out for Belle. Belle thinking fast elbowed Xalden hard in the gut grabbed the rose and ran back to the castle. Beast and Sora weren’t done yet, and took up a hard fight against Xalden who controlled 8 wind lances that he could make into a large dragon. Sora was able to finish him off, and then Beast plucked up the courage to ask Belle if she would stay with him. Sora ends his journey with them as Beast and Belle got to share their awaited dance, and as Sora watched on it stood to remind him of how Kairi and him danced once when they were younger.

Olympus Coliseum

On their return to the Olympic Collusion Donald doesn’t land were he intends to. They end up landing in the entrance to the underworld. Just as they are about to go see Hercules, Megera comes running out from the underworld being chased be attack dog Heartless. Sora, Donald, and Goofy hurry to save her. Sora gives her a hand up and Meg introduces herself in her normal flirtatious sarcastic way. She thanks Sora for the help and he says it was nothing, but Donald says just doing what heroes do; and Goofy has to continually correct Donald by saying don’t you mean junior heroes. She tells them that Herc has been set up with battle after battle complements of Lord Hades himself. The never ending battles are warring Herc out and even heroes have their limits. Meg was going to try to talk Hades into giving Herc a brake. Sora said that he could go to Hades for her. Meg was very thankful for their help, but made them promise not to tell anyone else about her going down there. Unknown to Sora and the others Pete had come to see Hades as well and was already talking to him. At the last stretch before entering Hades's tower and Organization member ran past Sora, Donald, and Goofy not bothering to fight just yelling "run away" before disappearing into a portal to the darkness leaving them completely perplexed. In Hades's tower Pete said with all the monsters Herc was sending to the underworld it would be better if he just sent someone who was already dead. Hades thought that that was actually a good idea, and brought out Auron from (Final Fantasy X) the deepest prison in the under world. Hades made him a deal saying that he would have his slate wiped clean if he did one favor for him. Auron’s response was to say “I’m sorry but you’re not part of my story”. Sora, Donald, and Goofy came in just as Hades was swinging at Auron for saying this. Sora and his group try to fight Hades and help Auron but in to underworld there is a curse that saps all the strength from heroes, making them what Hades calls them Zeros. Auron and Sora must fight Cerberus and defeat him to get out of the underworld. Sora uses his keyblade to unlock a door to get free, set there by Hades to stop them. Pete explains to Hades that that key can open ANY lock which gives Hades an idea. Meanwhile Sora reunites with Hercules who is glad to see them. After telling Herc they had a problem they had to work around in the underworld and asks Hercules about a way to counter the curse of the underworld. Herc says they is a stone called the Olympus Stone the Gods use when they have to go down there but is was just stolen buy some guy in a black cloak. Herc says if they can get it back they can use it for a while. Sora, Donald, and Goofy end up cornering the Organization member who is Demnyx in the underworld and battle him to get the Stone back. Winning back the stone it becomes the next link to the next pathway. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are able to go on but they bring the stone back to Herc where it seems that Meg has been captured by Hades to set a trap for Sora. Herc can’t help because Hades has him set up against the Hydra next and if he leaves people could get hurt so it is up to Sora and the others to save Meg. They get to the other end of the underworld and unlock a magically sealed area that has Meg stuck on the other side. They have to Battle Pete and an army of heartless to save her, Herc joined them half way through and in the end the cavern that they were in caves in. Returning back to the Coliseum Herc finds that the Hydra was not defeated, and he had left the people at its mercy. This made him drop into such a deep depression that made him lose his power for a some time, believing he was not worthy to be a hero. Unknown to Sora the Lock he had just unlocked was put there by Zeus to seal up the Underworlds under Drome which was a place that was to dangerous for anyone. Know that it is open Hades has planed to start his own Coliseum games, which is like the original Coliseum games only harder, more dangerous, and more challenging than the first Kingdom Hearts was. These games push Sora and his group to the edge of there power along with Hercules. Their final battle was to be with Auron, but something was wrong with him. Sora followed him to find out that Hades had taken control over him by taking control of his sole. Sora told Hercules of the issue and told him to stand against him till Sora, Donald, and Goofy could get the figure of Auron Hades had, and could return it to him. Hoping this would free Auron from Hades power. Sora is able to return Auron's sole, and they all fought Hades until he fell into the river stix. Hercules returned to his full glory. At the end Sora, Donald, and Goofy are awarded true heroes by the Gods, by having the pictures painted in the stars.

Disney Castle

The gummi ship is pulled to Disney Castle, being summoned by Queen Minnie. The castles barrier has been breeched by the heartless. The room holding the castles magical protection, a large sphere called the Cornerstone of Light, has been shrouded with creeping black vines. Sora accompanies the Queen to the Cornerstone of Light Room guarding her from the heartless, ass Donald and Goofy go of to make sure the rest of the castles occupants are safe. When they join back together in the Cornerstone of Light Room a projection of Maleficent comes to gloat that the Queens castle will soon bee her new domain since Sora and group destroyed her last castle. After this gloomy display they quickly conclude that Merlin is the only person with enough magical knowledge to help. Sora and group rush back to Hollow Bastion to get Merlin’s aid. Merlin is quickly told that the Queen is in danger, and Donald launches into a long hardly discernible explanation. While Donald starts yapping on Merlin unnoticeable magically brings them to the Cornerstone Room at the Disney Castle. Donald is stunned into silence by Merlin’s display, and Merlin starts off studying the room. He concludes that all of the problems occurring at the castle haze to do with tampering with the worlds past. He summons a door that will bring them back in time to the point in which things were changed, but he stops them before they go trough. He warns them that by going through he does not know what type of effects it will have on them, and they must avoid from doing anything that might change there past, because they in effect stop themselves from existing. This terrifies Donald so much that he does not want to go. Sora and Goofy have to carry Donald to the door and Heave Ho toss him through the door and then walk though after him. They all come flying out of the other side to the time or world Timeless River, which is based on the first Mickey Mouse cartoon Steam Boat Mickey. Sora stands up and realizes that everything is in black and white, and everything is lacking detail, but that isn’t what’s bothering Donald and Goofy. They are both overcome with an overpower feeling of De-ja-vu. But their uncomfortable feelings are quickly put aside as they see an oddly dressed Pete run by. Pete being Pete they assume it must be him, and chase after him. After a short battle with Pete they start to think that this might not the same Pete that they know. Pete goes on to tell them he was running because someone had stolen his steamboat. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy get back up to the top of Cornerstone hill they see heartless jump into four separate window shaped portals, and a curtained video screen appears. Donald pulls the string to open the curtain and they watch. It shows (from the bad Pete’s point of view) being scolded by Maleficent for being completely useless. Pete then wonders to himself if he really chose the right path in life, and if he could go back he would change. While he is doing so a similar door appears to him as if it heard his calls. As Sora and the others watch, they end up flying through the door again as if it were for the first time. They continue through the portals after the heartless meeting the King in each of the areas. Only it was Mickey before he was King, and with each place saved they watched a new clue into Pete’s door to the past. It comes to show that Pete shows the door to Maleficent and she sent him to see what is on the other side. After he returns she comes up with a plan to steal the Cornerstone of Light leaving the castle defenseless. The group returns to the hill to find the Cornerstone gone. They run off to the port to find the good Pete and the bad Pete face to face. Sore and good Pete fought bad Pete, but he is still able to get away. Sora and the others run after him to find that bad Pete had stolen the steamboat and is trying to toe the Cornerstone away. Pete does all that he can to stop Sora and get away, but as usual fails. Bad Pete goes through his door back to their time and Sora locks it behind him, and as a reword the good Pete allows you to steer his steamboat to take the Cornerstone back. As they prepare to go back home Donald is temped to do something that would do exactly what Merlin warned them about. Luckily Goofy and Sora were able to grab and stop him before he could do what he was going to do, and they had to Heave Ho Donald back through again. Arriving back in the castle, door vanishing behind them, they where able to see the vines disintegrate. After that was finished the Cornerstone began to glow opening a new path for the trio to travel down and also allowing the group to continue on with the castle now protected again.


Atlantica is the most unique of all the world in that everything done here is done in song and dance. At Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s return Sebastian offers to give the group a refresher coarse in swimming. The story starts back of at the beginning with Ariel lost in thoughts of the life up on land, mainly of Prince Eric having just presently rescued him from his ship which was sunk during a storm. King Trident is not pleased that Ariel is unhappy but more so that she is thinking about “Land” and “Humans”. Sebastian is put in charge of Atlantica’s yearly consort and taking Ariel’s mind off of things above. Sora is eager to help cheer Ariel up so he offers to help in the production. Only after Sebastian puts them all through some dance lessons are they allowed to join, their timing had to be perfect in order for Sebastian to be satisfied. The first song the sing is a newly written song called “Swim this Way” all about under water living. This is all to change Ariel’s attentions, which needless to say does not work. They go on to sing songs such as “Part of Your World” and “Under the Sea” following the roles in the Movie. The major battle against Ursula is played out in the song “Ursula’s Revenge” in which Sora knocks the Trident out of Ursula’s hand where in Prince Eric proceeds to throw it streaking through the air to run through Ursula ending her for good. As the battle finishes the Trident which has now landed at the bottom of the ocean reveals the passage that leads them on and now prevents the Heartless and the Organization from meddling in their affairs. This world s journey ends with the song “A New Day is Dawning” in which Ariel’s love for Prince Eric has won through braking down the barriers that were between them. Ariel is now sad that Sora and the others have to leave, and is promised in an off tune song that they will never be apart for good.

Halloween Town

Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive once again to Halloween Town. As they do, they´re costumes changes. Sora becomes a vampire, Donald a mummy and Goffy looks like a mad person. They need to change their appearance so the people of the town, recieves the good. Sora, Donald and Goofy sees Zero and Sora says "Hello boy" as Jack Skellington arrives in an odd way. Jack is at the night sky, with a Christmas trinie. He gets off the trinie and speaks "Sora, Donald and Goofy, it is so nice to see you and... Merry Christmas!" The look surprised due to this place was really only for Halloween. Sora says "Merry Christmas? Don´t you mean, Happy Halloween?" Jack starts talking about Christmas and mentions "Sandy Claws" and Sora, confused again says "Sandy Claws?" and Goofy says "I think he means Santa Claws". Jack tells them about this place as he asks if Jack has seen Riku or the King and Jacks denies. Jack is convinced to take them to Christmas Town. Jack leads them as they enter the wood-christmas tree- door. They pass and arrive at Christmas Town. They see that heartless are also there. They defeat them and go to Santa´s factory. They enter as they see Santa Claus. Daonlad asks Santa if he was is his list and Santa says that of course he was. Goofy also asks him the same question and Santa says yes. Sora approaches happy and asks Santa if he was in his list. Santa looks at his list and says indeed, but says "Sora! , you were told by another boy (Riku) that Santa Claus didn´t exist and later you told a little friend (Kairi) that you didn´t belive in Santa." Sora looks disappointed and steps back. Jack, confident saks him again and Santa exclaims

"You´re Jack Skellington-!" as they see that Locke, Shack and Barrel were entering the factory. Later it is seen that Malificient was telling Locke, Shack and Barrel that she would bring back Oogie Boogie. She brings him back and tells him to defeat Sora and the other "imbeciles". Sally had heard al. sally goes to tell Jack, but Jack ignores her warning, not listening at her. Santa goes to see Jack, Sora, Donald and Goofy. but he gets caught by Oogie along wih Sally. Again, Sora, Donald and Goofy comes to the rescue. Sora destroys Oogie Boogie as Santa is finally released. Sora, Donald and Goofy goes to another wolrd, knowing they will come back.

At the second visit, they are informed that Dr. Finklestein´s experiment was missing. Sora and the other gang began their search. Shack, Locke and Barrel appear again, as they broke in Santa´s Factory. Again they are defeated and they are officialy gone. Santa worried tells them that lately there has been a kidnapper of presents. Sora, Donald and Goofy began to make thepresents. they are finally done as Jack says he will take care of the rest. Finally, they go to Santa to tell them the presents are now done. Their plan was to set up a trap for the kidnapper. Santa gives them a place where they could set the trap and catch the theif. they go to the Plaza as Santa asks Jack his plan. Jack does not tell, only sayin it is a good plan.

"But I also have a wonderful idea. If we catch the theif for you.. I would be honored to deliver the-"

"And on that note, we´ll be going! " in that moment, Sora covered Jack´s mouth and take him away, not wanting to cause more trouble. the dinamic quartet had the plan to spill presents and they would be on a gigantic one. in that way, they would lure the thief and catch him. Although Donald was sure someone was kicking him... .Finally, they catched the thief, it was the missing experiment. They fought it, as they finally eliminated it. It was over. Santa Claus arrived in his triney and gave them thanks to hem. And Jack´s wish became true. Santa let him drive the triney. Jack delivered the presents. When Jack rode it, Santa Claus said strange words

"Yes, all that poor puppet wanted was a heart"

They arrived to tell the Dr that his experiment was the guilty. He called his experiment "successful". Sora tries to tell him about the heart theory, of why he stole presents. The Dr finally tells says it is possible, that unlike Sally, the experiment did not have a heart.

"But if it wanted a heart, why was it going around stealing all those Christmas Presents?" Sora could not understand

"Maybe because...presents are a way to give your heart to someone special" Sally came

"Hmm... when you put it that way, I feel sort of bad for him" Sora made a second thought. Jack suddenly came flying of the sky. Santa wished everyone happy Halloween.

"What a nice present" Sally said as it snowed

"I dont understand. there is no box, No ribbon tied in a bow!" Jack yellped

"Jack, Its not about the box or the ribbons. Its about whats inside the box!" Sora replied

"No Sora" Sally corrected "What really counts-- whats really special--is the act of giving a gift. To wish deep in your heart to make someone else happy."

"Right, of course! Thank you Sally, you are absolutely right" exclaimed Jack. Suddenly he stroke his chest

"Wait! whats this? I feel so strange, so very happy!"

"Jack! that must be Sally´s present" Goofy said

"Really? This wonderful feeling?Oh Sally, You´ve given me the nicest present in the world!" said Jack holding her hand "And I´ve nothing to give you in return. What would you like? Just name it. Absolutely anything"

"The nicest present I could ever ask for Jack, Is just to be with you" Donald and Goofy covered their eyes, as Sora just blushed

"You don´t even have to ask for that!" in that moment Jack carried Sally away.

Sally and Jack began to dance in the night. Sora, Donald and Goofy just stared

"Maybe, I never gave her a real present after all" said Sora deeply

"Who?" asked Donald. Goofy tapped Sora´s shoulders

"Aw, i bet Kairi would like most anything you gave her" said Goofy comforting Sora

"I know. Thats what made it so hard to decide" Sora replied

"Its not the gift, its what´s in your heart!" Donald said

"My heart" Sora repeated

"You bet, Kairi is like Sally!" said Donald

"How?" asked Sora

"Well, as long she can be with you, what else does she need?" responded Goofy. Sora understood, and gazed up at Sally and Jack dancing.

...And then it started.

Slowly, Jack and Sally turned into a different person. Sora and Kairi. Sora replaced Jack and Kairi Sally. Sora smiled as he held the 14´s year old Kairi´s hands. Sora was taller than Kairi and she was younger (he did not know her physical appearance now). They were dancing in circles. Sora and Kairi had smiles on their faces, really big ones. Kairi began to giggle in a very cute way. for a long time. it was beautiful moment. Suddenly, Sora was snaped back into reality. He knew it was a day dream. he began to laugh as Halloween Town was finally over. In this scene it showed although Sora was sometimes childish, he had a greater maturity. He had shown bigger feelings towards Kairi, more than a friendship...

Port Royal

Port Royal is the newest place they visit. They are overwhelmed by how much more “real looking” this world is compared to the others and that they easily stick out. There is a blast from the town below and sounds of people screaming in fear. Being the heroes they are they run from the Ports Fort to help those in need. At the docks Pete and his heartless are introducing themselves to Captain Barboasa and his men. Pete is warning the group of pirates to steer clear if they see a brat with a key shaped blade and to goofy looking flunkies. Barboasa doesn’t take Pete’s advice sayin that there an’t a thing in this world that could do them harm do to a curse of some Aztek gold, which he then proceeds to show Pete it did to them. Pete is intrigued by Barboasa, but warns him again that they wheeled a type of magic that an’t of their world, but that only makes Barboasa even more interested finding someone that could be even a match for him. Pete decides to join Barboasa and his crew finding it to his benefit. Back in town however Sora, Donald, and Goofy find Will Turner fending off heartless unable to harm them. Sora and gang jump in and take out the heartless as Will can only stand and watch. Will is very impressed with Sora’s swordsmanship; saying that he’s a great swordsman himself put his skills pail in comparison to Sora’s skill and technique. After a quick round introduction Will ask Sora and the others to help him go after the pirates that kidnapped Miss Swan. Sora seeing that there might be more heartless around aggress to go with Will for the time being. When they reach the dock they meet Pete and some pirates left back to guard their getaway. Will demands’ that they let Elizabeth go but Pete says that that can’t be done seeing Captain Barboasa has taken her with them. So he tells Will that he better start swimming. Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Will and rush to fight the pirates but after getting existed form swinging at them with now effect the back off to catch their breath. The pirates laugh as the four of them huff from fatigue but at that moment the clouds clear as they are exposed as zombies. Pete with his big mouth yells out telling the pirates the pirates to look out now that they’re exposed and weak to their magic. Sora yells back to Pete thanking him for the advice. After the pirates are vanquished Pete makes a run for it swearing it’s not the last they’ll be seeing of him. Sora meets Captain Jack Sparrow and adventures occur in this world. At last when it is solved, Elizabeth and Will hugges each other and were in love. Goofy sees Sora and he has his face red.

"Sora, how come your face is all red?" said Goofy pointing at him

"It is not red!" shouted Sora lying and covering his face with a hand and the other one stretching it towards Goofy and Donald

"I know who you´re thinking of!" said Donald, referring to Kairi, as Goofy and Doanld laughed, while Sora was dying inside.

Pride Lands As Sora, Donald and Goofy arrives, Donald changes their appearances. Donald becomes a bird, Goffy becomes a land turtle and Sora becomes a lion cub, thought to be much alike as the lion Kovu. As they approach they find different apeearance of heartless. They approach and they find that the world is dry without life. Sora, Donald and Goofy are walking through the dead valley, and hienas are willing to attack them, but Nala appraoches to them. She explains about what has been happening since Mufasa died, that now the king was Scar (Mufasa´s brother). Sora, always with the best intentions says he would gladly help them defeating Scar. Nala takes them were the lions live along with Scar. Sora, Donald and Goofy are walking as Donald says to Sora that even if he defeats Scar, he had to become king. Sora, allucinating says he would like to see how does he feel when he becomes king. Sora says to Nala being a bit selfish, even if he defeats Scar, he would have to resign he throne. As Donald and Goofy are laughing about the idea of Sora being a king, Nala presents the trio to them, to Rafiki. Rafiki closely watches Sora, judging him. As he finishes, he speaks to Nala in the ear and walks away. Nala tells them that Rafiki sad that Sora didn´t have the qualities to become a king. Sora dissapointed asks that who could then. Nala tells them about the lost and dead son of Mufasa, Simba. Sora, Donald and Goofy surprised tells her that Simba is still alive, that a long time ago, they visited him. Nala exited tells them to lead her to him. Sora, Donald and Goofy leads her towards Simba, as he lives along with Timon and Pumbaa, fearing his past and destiny. Once they arrive at first Simba didn´t recognize Sora, willing to attack the little cub. Sora tells Simba if he really didn´t recognize him. Simba does and jump towards Sora cub. A scream interrupts them, the scream came of Timon and Pumbaa. Simba, Sora, Donald and Goofy runs to them as they see Nala was hungry and tried to eat them. Simba jumped to her and they both fighted. Suddenly, they both recognized each other and were happy. Nala tells Simba about the problem on their hometown. Simba refuses to go, thinking about how he dihonored by hiding his fate. Simba "sees" his father and Mufasa´s soul convinces him to reclaim the throne. They come back and fight Scar, were Scar tells the truth about who killed Mufasa. Scar is defeated and Simba takes the throne. Simba and Nala thanks Sora, Donald and Goofy and they say goodbye. As they are walking Sora demands that although he is little, he is still powerful, due to Donald and Goofy are still mocking him about being king at "his size" .Donald says "Kairi would think that your cute and she would hug you" they laugh as Sora is saying why do they always tease him whit that.

Sora returns to Twilight Town and sees someone shouting

"H-Help! The sandlot! Its Seifer!.. Somebody please help us!"

"Sounds like we´ve got trouble!" said Sora as the three walked towards the sandlot. Sora, Donald and Goofy fights Nobodies as Seifer is lying on the floor

Sora, Donald and Goofy had vanqiushed he Nobodies as black-hooded man says

"Impressive" he said clapping "By the way, have you seen a man named Axel? I expect he is here somewhere"

"Like I care" said Sora not interesed

"You see, Axel is no longer acing in our best interest" said the man

"Is he with the Organization, too?" said Goofy as the man nodded

"Are you having a fight ?

"Not a very organized Organization" said Sora mocking them

"Dont let your guard down" said the man pointing them "Axel will stop at nothing to turn you into a heartless"

"Gee, thanks for looking out for us, mister" said Sora "But Im sure we can take care of ourselves just fine"

"Glad to hear it" said the man "Axel aside, it would brake our hearts to hear something happened to you"

"Hearts? You dont have any hearts?!" said Donald

"True, we dont have hearts, but we remember how was it like. Thats what makes us special" as the man revealed his face (Xemnas)

"Whaddaya mean?" asked Goofy as a black portal appeared in the back of the man

"We know very well how to injure a heart.. Sora, you just keep on fighting hose heartless" said the man

"Lets jump after him" said Sora whispering

"How come?" asked Donald

"Im not sure. But maybe he´ll lead us into the Organization´s world" said Sora

"Dont be reckless. Do you want to end up like Riku?" said the man

"What?" said Sora givng a little jump. The man walked backwards until he dissapeared in the portal

"Hey, wait!" shouted Sora

"What did he mean, end up like Riku?" Sora asked to Donald and Goofy

"Hey, how ´bout you get off my town now? You´ve caused enough trouble." said Seifer. Donald looked to Sora, but he was still thinking about what the man said "Riku..." Sora said

"Have it your way! C´mon guys" said Donald

"Hold it!" said Seifer

"Make up your mind!" said Donald angry. Seifer pulled out a trophy ( the same he gave to Roxas)

"This goes to the strongest guy in Twilight Town" said Seifer.

Sora looked shocked and pointed himself "Thanks, but we dont really need it. Seifer ran towards Goofy and throwed the trophy as Goofy catched it and Seifer walked away.

Pence appeared and saw Sora, as he runs towards him

"Oh! Sora!" shouted Pence. Sora turned to him

"Um...Pence, right?" said Sora wondering and pointing at him. Pence didn´t mind

"Do you know a girl named Kairi? said Pence asking

Sora, Donald and Goofy jumped of surprised, but not as much as Sora

"K-Kairi!!? I sure do!" shouted Sora with a big smile and happiness

"Then you´d better go to the station" said Pence as he ran away and Sora followed. They arrived outside the station.

"He-ey!" shouted Hayner. Pence stopped and Sora aswell they turned and saw Hayner and Olette running to them as they stopped

"Hey, so how do you guys know Kairi?" said Sora. Hayner and Olette saw each other as a flashback began. It showed Hayner, Pence, Olette and Kairi talking as Sora´s voice was heard

"Kairi was really here?!" the voice sounded

"Yeah. And... she said she said she was looking for you" the voice of Hayner sounded

"Tell me where she is!" shouted Sora as Kairi was showed smiling and laughed

"Well..." Hayner´s voice said as in the flashback Olette turned to Kairi and said

"What a romantic story" said Olette and Kairi smiled at her

"If you stick ´round, Sora is bound to show up

"Yeah, he said he was coming" said Hayner

"Okey!" said Kairi happy.

"What took you so long, Kairi?" another voice sounded and the teenagers looked preocuppied, but not as Kairi did

A portal appeared and Axel came out of it. Hayner and Pence stood up and looked at him

"Somehow, I just knew you´d be here" said Axel "I tell ya, Kairi, you´ve got a lot of guts, jumping right into the darkness like that". Hayner got angry and ran towards Axel with a punch in his hand with the intention of hitting him, but when he ran towards him and jumped, he got through Axel like if he was a ghost and fell. Axel walked slowly to Kairi and Pence did the same as Hayner and also got htrough him. We got to near of Kiäiri and grabbed her arm. Kairi made a sound of resisting. Axel turned and was taking Kairi against her will to the portal

"Let go of me!" Kairi tried to resist but she was dragged to the portal "Let go!" until she dissappeared. Pluto ran towards the portal to go with Kairi and vanished too. Olette seemd worried as Hayner and Pence stood up looking at the portal that dissappeared. The flashback ended and Sora appeared. He seemed sad and took the oathkeepr Kairi gave him and looked at it

"Kairi.." Sora said

"You think it might´a been Axel?" asked Goofy to Donald as Donald nodded.

"Sorry" said Hayner sadly, as Hayner, Pence and Olette seemed sad

"Hey, its not youre fault. C´mon cheer up!" said Sora wanted to be shown happy. The three looked sad anyway

Sora faced to the floor and felt real sad

"Huh.. Like I can even say that!" said Sora regreting of what he said. Goofy got close to Sora and Sora jumped

"I´ve gotta help Kairi!" Sora shouted promising himself that. Goofy fell of the jump that Sora did and the trophy fell. The little crystal balls fell and Hayner, Pence and Olette grabbed them "That was close!" they said. Sora bent and grabbed the blue one and stood up. he raised his hand with the ball in the hand, stratching it to the sun as the others did the same. Sora viewed it carefully as little by little he transformed into Roxas doing the same thing as he was in a trance

"Sora?" "Sora are you okay" Roxas transformed into Sora

"Huh? What?" said Sora as a keyhole opens and Sora closes it

"Wha-what just happened?" asked Pence

"A new road is open" said Sora "And Kairi and Riku are waiting somewhere along it" Sora said

"You´d better hurry up then" said Olette

"You comin back?" asked Hayner

"Promise!" said Sora as they leave

Roxas appears saying he will leave the Organization and Axel says hw will miss him, this revealed to be one of Roxas’ best friends in the Organization. Upon entering the World that Never was, Sora is forced into battle against more Nobodies, eventually defeating them. However it was not over yet, Sora was forced into another battle against Roxas in his Organization XIII attire. After the fight against Roxas, Sora, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy headed for the castle to rescue Riku and Kairi. Sora runs after somebody and suddenly he heard his name being shouted. Sora knew the female voice and turned. Kairi was shouting in a balcony. Sora went happy and shouted her name, but heartless came and pushed him to the ground. Kairi saw Sora was in trouble and said "Leave Sora alone!" and jumped and fell to the ground, but heartless came and pushed her to the ground too. Sora closed his eyes and appeared with Donald and Goofy. He ran and defeated several enemies until he saw Kairi with a black-hooded guy with her. Sora and Kairi stood in a bit close to each other. They shouted their names at the same time and Kairi lets a sweet laugh. Sora said she changed and Kairi said he was different too. Kairi told him that it passed a long time. Sora said "Im sorry it took so long, its just -" Kairi ran and hugged Sora tightly. A silence origined as Donald and Goofy didn´t tease him this time, but they opened their eyes about why he was thinking about her too much along the journey. Donald and Goofy saw that this was their Sora .

Kairi hugging Sora suddenly
Kairi hugging Sora suddenly

Sora didn´t react until Kairi said "This is real..." and tears were in Kairi´s face.Sora looked at her and hugged her back. The strange black-hooded turned and walked away. Kairi ran and pulled him back and said "Riku, wait!" leading Sora to know he was Riku. Sora said "Riku?" and ran towards them. Kairi showed Riku´s face which it was Ansem´s. Sora took his hand and started to cry telling him why didn´t he told him he was ok and Riku said he didn´t wanted to know his face. Kairi told Sora to close his eyes. Sora did and Riku appeared as his original and Kairi put their three hands together. Finally, they come face to face with Xemnas leader of Organization XII, who flees to become one with Kingdom Hearts. The Worlds somehow sensing this danger use the energy to summon a door to lead them to Kingdom Hearts. As the three Keyblade wielders stand before the door Riku, Sora, and King Mickey raise their Keyblades. Launched from their tips rise three beams of light, which opens the door. On the other side Xemnas is on top of a giant contraption. The behemoth makes a blast of air blowing Kairi and King Mickey back through the door that then closes, leaving Riku, Sora, Donald, and Goofy to battle Xemnas, but first they must reach him. A wave of buildings rise from the ground toward them as they rush forward. Sora Rush Slices through the buildings opening a path. Using a gravity defying leap Sora and the others reach a grid walkway by to large rockets. The group hits nobodies into the rockets destroying them, and proceed to jump higher to a large piston which they also destroy. They make their final leap to a balcony were Xemnas is seated on a throne. The four of them battle a more powerful Xemnas who controls all of powers of each of the Organization members. With a final lunging blow Xemnas returns to his normal form and falls to one knee. Sora tells Xemnas that there is more to hearts then just anger and hatred, and continues to ask "Don't you remember". Xemnas replies "Unfortunately I don't" and with that vanishes similar to the others. Riku has a hard time wondering if he should even return, because he gave into the darkness, he wouldn't know how to face anyone. Sora replies (making a funny face) like this, making Riku laugh. But thats when the castle rumbled. Riku tried to open a pathway but King Mickey reminded him that he no longer is a part of the dark realm. As the others squabbled Sora and Kairi sense something and turn to see the shadow of Namine open a portal out. Donald, King Mickey, and Goofy can't see her and wonder how the portal opened but rush in urging the others to follow. Kairi and Sora step in front on Namine and Kairi thanks her. Namine turns to Sora and says "I promise that we would see each other again". Sora is very confused. A voice answers "We promised to meet again but when we did we might not recognize each other", as a shadow of Roxes steps out of Sora. Namine agrees but says its still strange, but Roxas thinks he understands. That they see themselves as the other remembers them. Namine says that she was afraid that all nobodies were doomed to fade back into nothing, but Roxas says they didn't because they got to meet their original selves. Namine is happy that they'll be back together again. Roxas says as long as Sora and Kairi are together. Kairi says that they'll be together every day, and Sora bashfully agrees. Namine then returns back into Kairi and Roxas to Sora. Sora is still confused and somewhat weired but Riku assures him he is still him. Kairi in the portal calls to all go home, but before Riku and Sora can enter, the portal closes. They are forced into another realm where they battle Xemnas again, who uses the remnants of Kingdom Hearts to power him up. After they defeat them, Sora and Riku are transported to a beach, where they sit and watch the sun set, Riku badly injured from the fight. The two talk about their entire adventure, and eventually decides that they will stay in the darkness since the light realm is now safe. Lying on that beach now facing a sky with no stars the waves wash a bottle up against Rikus' shoe. He picks it up and removes the message thats inside. Taking a glance at it he passes it to Sora telling him that he thinks its for him. It reads...

Thinkng of you, wherever you are,

We pray for our sorrows to end,

Sora reading Kairi´s letter
Sora reading Kairi´s letter

And hope that our hearts will blend.

Now I will step forward to realize this wish.

And who knows:

Starting a journey may not be so hard

or maybe it has already begun!

There are many worlds,

but they all share the same sky-

one sky, one destiny...

Sora helping Riku
Sora helping Riku

Upon reading this a door of light opens. Sora takes Riku and they step through. They end up streaking through the sky

Sora and Riku landing in Destiny Island beach
Sora and Riku landing in Destiny Island beach

landing in the water just of the shore of Destiny Island, were Kairi and the others are waiting. Kairi shouted "Sora, Riku!" and the moment begins. Sora swims as fast as he can with the biggest smile on his face. On Kairi´s sides, Donald, Goofy and Mickey jumps and Sora stopps with a face of surprised. Mickey runs towards Riku and huggs him. Donald and Goofy tackles Sora down. They smile with a face of hapiness aswell as Riku Sora smiles to Kairi and it is shown for a moment as Roxas was smiling to Naminé aswell. Sora takes the oathkeeper and shows it to Kairi, she smiles.

Sora said "We-we´re back!!" and Kairi says " Your home..." and stretches his arm to Sora. Sora smiles and with the biggest hapiness of the world, gives Kairi his hand.

Sora´s return
Sora´s return

It is shown once Sora walking through the secret cave. He walks as Kairi did when she was left in the island at age 12. Sora walks seeing the drawings and he stops. Sora sees the drawing he changed when he was 14, and Kairi saw the drawing and made her hand giving him the papou friut. Sora seemed surprised and a bit emaraced that she saw his drawing, but later his face became red, knowing that Kairi loved him too.

Riku appeared on the papou tree, watching the sea, as Sora came and sat down with him. They had a conversation until Kairi runs and hands Sora a bottle with a message and the king´s seal. Sora opens the bottle and reads the letter along with Riku and Kairi. Sora´s face turned surprised. The letter revealed the origins of Terra, Aqua and Ventus for Sora. After he read the letter, he vowed to find Terra, Aqua and Ventus. Sora and Riku were put in a Mark of Mastery exam. They slept and defeated Dream Eaters until Xehanort revealed his purpose: Remake the Keyblade War by finding seven lights and thirteen darknesses to remake the X-Blade. There must be seven guardians of light: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Aqua, Terra and Ventus.

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