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Sook Lee is introduced as a Korean immigrant to the United States living in Dallas, Texas. When we first see her she is with her boyfriend, Chip, a young man who seems to be very intent on getting inside her pants. But she wants to do something else, take her father's car and go driving, for a thrill ride. He eventually gives in and she assures him nothing bad ever happens to her...the two get in an accident. She is later revealed to have been unharmed, due to her "magics" but he is hospitalized and no longer able to play football causing everyone to hate Sook, except for him.

He comes to realize she is a witch, and ends up falling madly in love with her, she does her best to help him but eventually she is pulled away from all of this when Elsa Grimston comes to her house, and tells her she is the maiden of the Trinity, and that Elsa will teach her how to control her magics better. Sook agrees and the two disappear, reappearing in Alta Delta, California where Elsa lived over 40 years ago.

They enter the house to find Nikola Draconis, a porn producer of sorts, the experience at his house ends up stealing away Sook's innocence as well as having her encounter some other magic users who make her go through a terrible experience. From that moment on she seems capable of using her powers, and changes her look, the downside is that she also seems a lot more empty on the inside. In the end, she, Elsa, Helen and Kara do what they were meant to do and succeed, Lucifer's mission being completed.

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