sonic the hedgehog lost episodes

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i heard from someone that theres this lost episode of sonic the hedghog willl you wont believe me but please believe me im not lieing i swear i heard that in these  onaired episodes of sonic the hedghog when manhatten falss in mobius then robotnik plans to conquer it then shredder plans to conquer mobius then robotnik and shredder have a war then robotink wins and robotizies him krang bebob and rockstady then the turtles join the freedom fighters and plan to stop shredder and robotnik i swear to god im not lieing this is an unaired episode if you dont believe me dont get mad at me get mad at the guy who asked me this do you beleive that guy was telling the truth and do you think id would be coll if they aired these episodes back then if you ask me i dont beleive him and i thnk it ould be cool if they aired these episodes.

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Hey that sounds pretty cool to me  !

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