sonic rocks!

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I ask 
how old is he?
is he awesome?
who do you like better sonic or miles "tails" prower?

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#3 Posted by nightcrawler1212 (543 posts) - - Show Bio

he is 15 or 16 and he is alright and i like sonic better
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Overrated, imo.

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I think his age is 16 or 17. In terms of publication age, I believe he was made in either 1990 or 1991. I like Sonic more than Tails, but I like Knuckles more than Sonic. Also, I've started becoming a big Sonic fan again. I was a huge fan years ago, then I got out of Sonic and really didn't like him because I didn't like how Sega was just making crappy games and was ignoring their other good franchises but in recent weeks I've been playing some of the classic genesis games as well as other good Sonic games like Sonic Adventure and have been renewing my interest in the Sonic franchise. I also plan on reading the comic series by Archie.

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I think's 16, and sonic is WAY WAY better then tails tails is just anoyying.
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Despite the years sub-par to crap 3D games(although colours is an expection), yes sonic is still cool 
Sonic>>Tails(but tails is alright)

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i think hes 17 but i cant stand him at all now but if you asked the younger me with my sega then yeah i liked him

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I like Tails he shows a lot of development in both Archie and Fleetway. In the games he is shown great use with the tornado as walker.   If I see transformations when he using the Tornado.   It can transform into car in sonic racer would be nice add on as well. In fact I like to see his robot dog T-pup driving the tornado as back-up.    

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Interestingly, the answer to his age is right here on his profile page.
 Age: 10 (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
Age: 11 (Sonic CD) 
Age: 14 (Sonic 3) 
Age: 15 (Sonic adventure onwards)    
Age: 16 (Sonic heroes onwards to Sonic riders)
Age: 20 (Current Age Right now)
Age: 50 (In Sonic "30" years Later)

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Tails is WAY awesomer in "30 years later" sonic  is kinda overated

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