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Epic Kill opens with Song waking up in a school for troubled teenage girls. Not remembering why or how she was admitted she befriends a fellow patient. The friendship doesn't last long as most of the girls begin to be harassed by the staff of the school. Song was soon after confronted by a feral member of the staff and her training (which she didn't remember clearly) automatically kicks in. Thinking an attempt is being made on her life she slits the guard's throat and escapes from the institution.

Song Takahashi has many series' of flashbacks and psychosomatic hallucinations throughout her journey. They provide her with memories of her training, the lessons her uncle instilled, the reason why she was placed in the girls' school and most importantly, the identity of the man responsible for running down her mother and father in a hit and run. Senator Rook. The losing candidate in the most recent presidential election.

Her escape from the girls home marked a beginning of the hunt for Song. Not only did President Canon commission the secret service to track her down but she had managed to attract the attention of an organized crime boss by the name of Wainrite, who swore to find Song and do away with her as punishment for inadvertently killing his son in a crossfire. She was chased relentlessly by police, secret service and goons employed by Wainrite. Taking whatever transportation or shelter she could find on her search Song is eventually taken into custody by the secret service, but quickly escapes. Her hallucinations continue whenever in confrontation, making her enemies appear as wolves and sharks so as to up her adrenaline and prowess in combat.

Knowing she is on short time, Song stole a truck and tracked down senator Rook. Unbeknownst to her Wainrite and his men were right on her tail. A chase ensued in which

Song's Apparent Death
Song's Apparent Death

Wainrite was killed and ended in a near fatal crash for both Song and Rook. Both escape from their totaled vehicles and end up in a warehouse filled with barrels of gasoline. President Canon's team showed up just in time to witness Song drop a lit lighter into a pool of gasoline surrounding Rook. Upon witnessing him being burnt alive the order was given to shoot Song and take her in. She then came to in custody and found herself strapped into an electric chair. Telling the secret service agents her uncle was supposed to meet her did no good and the switch to the electric chair was turned on, leaving the reader to believe Song was dead.

Song's uncle arrives at a city morgue and asks to retrieve his deceased niece. He takes her body and reveals that she only allowed the executioner to expose her to shock for a certain amount of time until she could concentrate hard enough to slow her pulse and provide the appearance of being clinically dead. She succeeded in deceiving the authorities and escaped once again with her life, however in a coma.


Song was created by Raff Ienco.

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