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What I thought of Son of Batman

I was impressed with the animation. I felt like the story was good, but not great and was a bit upset about the exclusion of Tim Drake. Some of the acting felt off. Damien's voice actor was really good for the character. Jason O'Mara did a good job as Batman, better than what he did in Justice League: War. Sean Mehar did okay as Nightwing, he felt like Neil Patrick Harris did in Batman:Under The Red Hood, he did okay for doing Nightwing, I did feel at first that his voice was off for Nightwing. Also another thing that bothered me was the fact the Lazarus Pit couldn't bring back someone who was damaged. The promise of a fight scene between Damien and Nightwing didn't really happen sort of did in the credits, but I think that scene was crucial in making the story better for me. I still have to read Batman and Son so I can make a comparison there, only thing I really know is that Tim was taken out of the animated movie and plays a major role in the comic.

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