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Half human. Half alien. All hero. Wheelchair user and astronomy TA, Stuart Trautmann, was bonded to a high-tech alien parasite after it crashed on Earth. When both realized that they need one another to survive, the two became one. Forming a symbiotic relationship, Stuart Trautmann and his new partner must now work together to keep Earth safe from an extraterrestrial war. Containing work by writer Paul Cornell and artist Javier Pina. Stan Lee is the inspiration of Soldier Zero.


  Soldier Zero has legendary comic book writer and creator, Stan Lee, guiding the series! Stuart Trautmann (Soldier Zero) is a hero that we can all relate to. He’s a guy that lost the ability to walk, due to a war in Afghanistan. We can see a whole bunch of relatable characters that Stan Lee created over the years he’s been a writer. For example, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. He was a kid that was picked on by the bullies and was the nerd kid in the class. He eventually got the power to change his outward appearance and could get back at his tormentors. However, he learned that he had to use his power with the utmost responsibility, and had to make all of the hard sacrifices to take up the road as a hero. Stuart Trautmann is almost the same as Spider-Man. Stuart Trautmann has a disability, however he doesn’t let that disability get the better of him. That is really what it means to be a hero.

Throughout Stuart's day-to-day life, he has to deal with all sorts of trouble and adventure. For example, when Stuart was going to enter a mini market, he found out that wheelchair's aren't allowed in that building. When he met a young lady who was also in a wheelchair, she decided to crawl into the store, instead of letting her disability stop her from entering. So by seeing this, Stuart isn't the only one who has it tough. Another example is with his brother. James is just trying to look out for Stuart, so when some kids whisper something to each other, James takes it upon himself to stop them. The kids were not causing any harm, however they just didn't understand what it was like to be in a wheelchair. So really, it's just another way of people showing a relation to Stuart, but in their own unique way.  
Trautmann is a guy that wants a second chance at life. His disability gets him mocked by others, and the people who help him, makes Stuart feel helpless. Before the accident, Trautmann was a captain of the army. He lost the ability to walk when his platoon ran over a land mine. He found out later that his lower torso is separated from the connection with his spine. Trautmann continues his life as a TA in astronomy. The alien parasite called Soldier Zero on the other hand, is a super high-tech guardian of the galaxy. While it’s still just issue 1 into the series, guessing is always exceptional in a new story. However, when the alien technology falls out of Earth’s orbit, and onto the building where Stuart Tratmann was talking with his date. Stuart was going to get crushed and so was she, while the alien technology was about to die from being shot by an enemy ship, fate played its hand, and joined both to become Soldier Zero!


 Some of the artwork was off when Stuart was talking to friends and family. The Starry night behind Stewart was a little off. But, all the action scenes were really cool!

Soldier Zero's Verdict

 Soldier Zero should be picked up for those who want to see Stan Lee’s hand in comics, or want to see new heroes be born out of the most unlikely of people. With the events of Stuart Tratmann becoming Soldier Zero, your not going to want to miss what is next! Soldier Zero issue 1 will be released on October 20, 2010.

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