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Headed by Dr. Norman Lundquist, The Cape's SOLAM (Solar Amplification) project was designed to shoot powerful solar rays into space. It uses a giant energy gun that shoots solar rays by harnessing the powers of the sun by using orbiting reflectors in space. During its first use, the SOLAM project was successfully launched and the energy gun harnessed the largest amount of solar energy stored on Earth. However a power surge caused the gun to overload and the stored energy converted into a photo-kinetic living mass creating the SOLAM creature.


SOLAM was created by Stan Lee, Arnold Drake and Don Heck in 1968.

Major Story Arc

SOLAM came alive after a mishap with the Solar Amplification project at The Cape. Captain Marvel was around in his guise as Walter Lawson and after changing into his battle suit attacked the creature with his Uni-Beam. Each blast shrank the creature but Mar-Vell was left stunned after Yon-Rogg interfered by sending him a shock through his wrist monitor. The creature escaped into the sunlamp room of The Cape's gym where it absorbed the ultra violet rays and returned to its original gigantic size. Captain Marvel told General Bridges they have to bombard the creature with even more energy and kill it by over feeding. Mar-Vell aimed the Solar Amplification energy gun towards SOLAM and fired a single concentrated beam of photo-energy. SOLAM absorbed the beam and grew larger and larger until finally exploding into nothingness.

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