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Wasting No Time

RATING: 4.5/5

Snapshot #1

Writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock (Mark Simpson) take on the crime/mystery comic with SNAPSHOT. The plot starts off simply enough when Jake, a comic shop employee, finds a cell phone on his way to the “Near-Mint Rhino.” The name of the comic book shop alone hooked me. From there it’s a simple conversation between Jake and his friend Steve. Diggle nails the comic shop dialogue between good friends and all the geek-speak that it involves.

Things go from normal to life-threatening with a single and then several images on the phone Jake has found. What follows is what surprised me most. Jake does what common sense would dictate in a situation like this rather than some outlandish path that I assumed writing a crime story would take or expected. He contacts the police to report these disturbing photos but that’s when actions kick into high gear. Diggle again follows with a far fetched but plausible explanation for the found photos that even has Jake questioning what he thought he saw in the first place. It’s only when Jake and Steve strike out to investigate on their own when the true danger presents itself and sets the stage for the deadly mystery that is to come.

I’ll admit all it took for me to pick up this book was the names of the creative team behind it and they more than delivered. Diggle’s writing is fast paced and tight. This is the start of a mini-series and he wastes no time with lengthy backstories of these characters. He gives you all you need to make Jake and those who are after him interesting while kicking right into the action. Jock’s artwork is a perfect fit for this series. I have been a fan of Jock’s style since his run on Detective with Scott Snyder. The choice to run the art black and white hits just the right tone for this book. Jock’s pencils elevates the crime/noir feel, of a book set in present day San Francisco, to a gritty tee. Simply put the book is visually beautiful to look at as well as it is to read. The cover alone sets a definitive tone for what’s inside the pages to follow.

This is a great start for this mini-series and another top-notch book from Image to match the stable of great titles they put out on a continuous basis. SNAPSHOT #1 is a must read for any fan looking for a stellar non-superhero book and I can’t wait to see what Diggle and Jock have cooked up for issue #2.


  • Written By: Andy Diggle
  • Art and cover by: Jock
  • Image Comics
  • $2.99 - Rated T+

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