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Snakeskin was created by Detective Comics writer Tony Daniel. He was first introduced into the DCU after the relaunch of 2011.


Two years ago, Jack Houston suffered a bad reaction while volunteering his body to a rogue medical research firm. So he hired a lawyer and won himself a payday for his pain and suffering but he gambled away most of the money in less than a month. Within six month Jack lost everything. He found himself in a hole "five million" deep. With every casino owner and loan shark in Gotham City looking for him, he turned to a life of crime. He began using his unique abilities to swindle and rob. Jack became known as Snakeskin, a man able to change his face but not his fingerprints.

Major Story Arcs

Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Penguin

Snakeskin has joined forces with his lover, Jill Hampton. Together the two have killed several small time criminals through out Gotham including Boris Gorky, Raju and Nicolas Pog to name a few. And now they have their eyes set on the Penguin, so after Jill steals a VIP Card from Mr. Mosaic, the pair sneak aboard The Iceberg Casino. Once on board Snakeskin catches, Charlotte Rivers, Jill's sister, snooping around after Jill, and he tries to off her, but Batman steps in. Snakeskin traps Batman and thinks he's killed both the Dark Knight and Charlotte. But when he tells Jill what he's done she beats him within an inch of his life, he pleads with her and she seems to except his apology. She then arms him for his shot at Penguin, but due to her beating Snakeskin's face wouldn't change. He charges after the Penguin anyway but when he pulls the trigger, the gun explodes and takes off his arm. Snakeskin realizes Jill has double crossed him but there is nothing he can do about it.

Later after Jill is caught by the Batman, Snakeskin visits her in jail disguised as George Weaver an attorney hired by her father, and gets revenge on his former lover.

Powers and Abilities

Snakeskin can change his face by just thinking about it. He can apparently regrow severed limbs also.

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