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Details of his origin are largely unknown. What is known is that he was one of the greatest fire-breathing dragons of the Third Age, and at some point he travelled out of the North and attacked the Lonely Mountain and its environs. He took the treasure there as his own, killing every dwarf living in the mountain and destroying much of the surrounding landscape.


Smaug was created by J.R.R. Tolkien for his book The Hobbit. He made his first appearance in comics in The Hobbit #3.

Major Story Arcs

The Hobbit

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Smaug jealously guards his home and hoard at the Lonely Mountain. When the hobbit Bilbo Baggins sneaks into his cave and steals a cup, Smaug is instantly enraged by its loss, attempting to locate the secret entrance by which Bilbo had entered. Bilbo, wearing the One Ring, which renders him invisible, reenters the cave in order to determine the dragon's weak spot. He and Smaug engage in a battle of wits, with Bilbo offering a series of riddles which intrigue Smaug, as does the novelty of Bilbo's scent. When Bilbo reveals that part of his mission involves revenge, Smaug mocks him by describing his powers and achievements, pointing out that he is nigh-invulnerable. To prove this he rolls onto his back to expose his belly, usually an unprotected part of the dragon's body that has become jewel-encrusted and thus largely impenetrable. However, in so doing he reveals a weak point on his chest to Bilbo, who flees with the knowledge. This angers Smaug, who realizes the role that the nearby Lake-town must have had in the intrusions, and sets out to destroy the settlement there, trapping Bilbo and much of his party in the mountain at the same time. Bilbo's information about Smaug's weak spot is carried by a thrush into the town, and passed to Bard the Bowman, who slays Smaug while the dragon attempts to destroy the town.

Powers and Abilities

Smaug is a dragon of notable power. He is capable of breathing fire, and is very strong. He has impenetrable scales on his back and sides, and his belly is protected by layers of gold and jewels which have become embedded in his flesh due to lying on his hoard. He has wings, and is capable of flight. He also has excelent smell and he can talk. He's not just a mindless beast, and is actually very smart, capable of planning, tricking someone, placing doubts in peoples minds and he detects everything that someone steals from his treachure, no matter how big and even if only one coin gets stolen.

Other Media


The Hobbit

Smaug appears as the main antagonist in this loose adaptation of the book, released in 1966. He goes by the name Slag in this appearance.

The Hobbit

Smaug appears in Peter Jackson's adaptations of the book. He is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch.


The Hobbit

Smaug is the antagonist of this game

Creatures of Middle Earth I, II

Smaug appears and is given a more detailed backstory.

The Hobbit

Smaug appears as an antagonist. He is voiced by James Horan.


The Hobbit

Smaug was originally created for The Hobbit.


The Hobbit

Smaug appears in the 1968 BBC Radio adaptation of the book. He is portrayed by Francis de Wolff.

The Hobbit

Smaug appears in the 1979 BBC Radio adaptation of the book. He is portrayed by Erik Bauersfield.


The Hobbit

Smaug appears as the main antagonist in this made for television animated adaptation of the book. He is played by Richard Boone.

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