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Slack lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania her entire life. When the unburied dead
began to rise and devour the flesh of the living decades before, the city became a sanctuary for humanity. Surrounded by three rivers and an electrified barricade guarded by armed soldiers, Pittsburgh seemed the ideal safe haven. However, not everything was what it appeared to be. Pittsburgh was ruled by a greedy tyrant named Paul Kaufman. Kaufman resided in the center of the city in an extravagant high-rise apartment building dubbed "Fiddler's Green", home to Pittsburgh's surviving wealthy and elite. While the rich lived in grandeur, the poor were forced to live in squalor. Kaufman had financed the construction of  "Dead Reckoning", a heavily armored vehicle equipped with sub-machine guns, video monitors, and fireworks. The undead were fascinated by fireworks, and would stop in their tracks to gaze at them, enthralled. This allowed the Dead Reckoning and its crew to move through the surrounding area of Pittsburgh without being attacked, as they searched for food and supplies to return to the city. However, while the crew of Dead Reckoning actively sought food and necessary medical supplies to aid Pittsburgh's citizens, Kaufman horded the lion's share for the wealthy, leaving only scraps behind for the poor. Slack had attempted to become one of Kaufman's soldiers, but was relegated to a life as a prostitute serving his wealthy clientele.
When a former crew member of the Dead Reckoning named Mulligan learned of Kaufman's tyrannical, even homicidal, methods of controlling Pittsburgh, 
he began to gather the poor to rise up against Kaufman. Mulligan wanted the common people to regain control of the city, and dispatched Slack to gain information on Kaufman. His plan backfired, however, and Slack was captured before she could relay her findings to Mulligan. Kaufman ordered that Slack 
be killed in a caged arena sport held at a club owned by one of his business associates, Chihuahua. Spectators would place bets on which of two zombies painted red and black would succeed at capturing the prey placed with them in the cage. Ordinarily, this was a stray animal. Unfortunately, Slack was chosen to be the main course for a "special engagement". As the crowd
 Kaufman's Jail
 Kaufman's Jail
cheered on the zombies, Slack fought bravely for her life. She was saved by Riley Denbo, the designer and commander of Dead Reckoning. Denbo was looking for a way to escape the city, and had purchased an automobile from Chihuahua in preparation for his  retirement. When Chihuahua took the car back without Riley's knowledge at Kaufman's order to prevent Denbo's departure,  Riley visited the club with his best friend, Charlie. The pair killed Chihuahua and rescued Slack, and the three were subsequently arrested and jailed by Kaufman's officers. In the cell, Slack revealed to Riley and Charlie the reason why Kaufman had ordered that she be killed. Riley did his best to ignore her tale, but was secretly moved by her story. 
Kaufman recruited Riley, Slack, and Charlie to help him recover the Dead Reckoning after it was stolen from him by his former lackey, Dead Reckoning crew member Cholo DeMora. Cholo had been declined an apartment in Fiddler's Green by Kaufman, and had commandeered the vehicle and its crew out of vengeance. Cholo planned to use a rocket to destroy Fiddler's Green unless Kaufman meets his demands. Kaufman assigned three officers to aid Riley; Manolete, Pillsbury, and Motown. Riley's crew headed after Cholo, and discovered that the guard station leading to the subway tunnels to Pittsburgh has been overrun by the undead, and that the zombies were heading towards the city. Manolete was bitten by a zombie, forcing Slack to shoot the man in the head, even though she took no joy from it. Riley explained to Pillsbury and
 Motown's Fate
 Motown's Fate
Motown that he  didn't trust Kaufman, and already knew that they were ordered to kill Riley, Slack, and Charlie once the vehicle had been recaptured. He told them that he had a tracking device to find the Dead Reckoning, but that only he and Charlie would make a move for the vehicle, while the others remained behind. Motown told Pillsbury that they needed to move in to stop Riley, but he betrayed her. After knocking Motown unconscious, Pillsbury escorted Slack to the Dead Reckoning, where Riley, Cholo, Charlie, and the Dead Reckoning crew members were at a stand-off. Slack moved in to defend Riley, and Motown finally arrived, firing her weapon at the Dead Reckoning. A zombie attacked Motown, biting her, giving Riley the necessary distraction to disable the vehicle's weapons. Slack shot Motown and the zombie, killing them both. Riley convinced the crew that they should take the Dead Reckoning and head north. Cholo agreed to his decision, but opted to take his old station wagon, and head West. After departing, Riley and his crew noticed that the undead had found their way to the city, and decided to return to help. 
Riley and the crew managed to liberate Pittsburgh from the living dead, but
 Nobody's Damsel-In-Distress
 Nobody's Damsel-In-Distress
discovered a horrific massacre in which both the elite and the poor have been consumed by an army of zombies. The electrified fence used to protect the citizens prevented their escape from the living dead, and they were devoured alive. The Dead Reckoning's fireworks lost their trance-inducing effect on the zombies, leaving them vulnerable. In addition, the dead were evolving, getting smarter. After the elitist class was almost completely destroyed, the zombies made their retreat. Mulligan managed to save a large number of people, and they rejoined Riley following the invasion by the undead. He told the crew that the people would now rebuild the city, fortify it's boundaries, and begin anew. The Dead Reckoning's driver, Pretty Boy, set her sights on the zombie horde as it made its exodus, but Riley asked her not to. He told her that they were "just like us, looking for a place to go". Riley and his crew then decide to take the Dead Reckoning north, firing off all of the vehicle's fireworks in celebration, now that they no longer worked against the undead.  

Powers And Abilities

  • Slack is a human woman with no known superhuman abilities. She is in peak physical condition for her age.
  • Slack is proficient at unarmed combat, and has proven herself physically capable of defending herself. 
  • Slack can utilize several different types of weapons, ranging from rifles, pistols, and the Dead Reckoning's sub-machine guns.


 Asia Argento As
 Asia Argento As "Slack"
Slack was portrayed by Asia Argento in the 2005  film "George A. Romero's Land Of The Dead".

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