The Adventures Of Bernard The World Destroyer

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Since we're big fans of Skottie Young here at ComicVine, I thought I'd take the opportunity to help pimp his latest self-published efforts. 
The Adventures of Bernard The World Destroyer started as a project to post something new every day on his blog.  The premise was simple enough... Bernard arrives on Earth to do what Bender loves best; kill all humans.  A brilliant combination of Skottie Young's unique art style mixed with a cheeky & sometimes twisted sense of humour made this a daily treat all through December.  This is an absolute MUST for any Skottie Young fan! 

Bernard comes to Earth to study our animals, movies, past times, and our celebrities...if you can call them that. The outlook does not look good for our planet. 

The Adventures Of Bernard The World Destroyer is a collection of the online daily comic written and illustrated by Skottie Young (Artist of New York Times Best Selling Wonderful Wizard of Oz). 
Plus, exclusive bonus art by artists Tom Fowler, Mike Norton, Nic Klein, Rafael Albuquerque, Darren Rawls, Chris Samnee, Francis Vallejo, Ramon Perez and Mike Hawthorne. 

The Adventures Of Bernard The World Destroyer
The Adventures Of Bernard The World Destroyer

It's 72 pages of Black & White soft-cover fun!  Available to Pre-Order now!
Sadly, the pre-orders are only available now, for $15 + shipping!

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