Guest Slot On The Abominable Charles Christopher

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    The Abominable Charles Christopher
    The Abominable Charles Christopher
The mighty talented Karl Kerschl (who did the beautiful regular covers to Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers) has his own webcomic about a delightfully dim-witted yeti.  'The Abominable Charles Christopher' is a weekly comic strip following the eponymous sweet, but idiotic creature who spends a lot of time sucking on a dummy/pacifier.  Yet a lot of the strip focuses on the wild critters who live in the woods around Charles Christopher (probably because Karl Karschl draws stunning creatures).  
Anyway, like most good webcomics, 'The Abominable Charles Christopher' has received a guest artist.  This week's strip has been brought to us by none other than Skottie Young!  (Big surprised; after all, this is in the Skottie Young forum).  There's even a joke about St Bernard dogs (most likely inspired by his own beloved pooch, Emma :)  

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