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Proper Japanese Title: The last day of president (Za Rasuto Dei obu Purejidento)

Chapters Titles

  • Chapter 145: QUEST DANCE (クエスト・ダンス 旅の始まり Kuesuto Dansu Tabi no Hajimari)
  • Chapter 146: The Archangel's Ballad (大天使の小さな恋 Daitenshi no Barādo)
  • Chapter 147: For the Sake of Creating a Superior Campus (より良い学園作りの為に Yori Yoi Gakuen Zukuri no Tame ni)
  • Chapter 148: The last day of president (The last day of president Za Rasuto Dei obu Purejidento)
  • Chapter 149: Operation Love Potion, Part 1 (オペレーション・ラブポーション 前編 Operēshon Rabu Pōshon Zenpen)
  • Chapter 150: Operation Love Potion, Part 2 (オペレーション・ラブポーション 後編 Operēshon Rabu Pōshon Kōhen)
  • Chapter 151: The Secret Story of the Creation of Kaimei School's New Anthem (開盟学園高校新校歌作詞秘話 Kaimei Gakuen Kōkō Shin Kōka Sakushi Hiwa)
  • Chapter 152: Chase Kagero (影浪を追え! Kagerō o Oe!)
  • Chapter 153: Treasure Usami Hani (会計 宇佐見羽仁 Kaikei Usami Hani)







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