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Proper Japanese Title: Aite Ureshii (会えて嬉しい)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 91: Broken Special... (壊れてしまった特別な... Kowareteshimatta Tokubetsu na...)
  • Chapter 92: Charismatic Student Highly Recommends High-level Club Speed Dating Participation, Congratulations! (カリスマ生徒イチ押しの部活がハイレベル合コン参加おめでとうKarisuma Seito Ichioshi no Bukatsu ga Hai Reberu Gōkon Sanka Omedetō)
  • Chapter 93: Onee-san is Popular? (おねえさんも気に入り? O Nē San mo Ki ni Iri?)
  • Chapter 94: Your Wish Is My Command (なんでもやりまっせご主人様 Nandemo Yarimasse Go Shūjin Sama)
  • Chapter 95: Kona-chan's Problem (コマちゃんの困りごと Koma Chan no Komarigoto)
  • Chapter 96: Exciting Exercise (エキサイト・エクササイズ Ekisaito Ekusasaizu)
  • Chapter 97: Happy to Meet You (会えて嬉しい Aete Ureshii)
  • Chapter 98: Laughing On the Outside... (顔で笑って心で... Kao de Waratte Kokoro de...)
  • Chapter 99: Momoka's Road To Stage Actress (モモカ舞台女優への道 Momoka Butai Joyū e no Michi)







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