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 Skagg is confronted by Balder the Brave.
 Skagg is confronted by Balder the Brave.
Skagg was a powerful storm giant that was imprisoned in a circle of flame by Odin. Loki freed Skagg and Surtur when Odin traveled to Earth and unleashed them to destroy his father. Skagg would come into conflict with Thor and Balder the Brave during his encounter on Earth. Balder smashed his war club with his enchanted sword but is blasted off his horse by a powerful water spout. Odin used his powers to soften the ground beneath Skagg's feet and he began to sink into the ocean. Surtur used his flame powers to harden the ground beneath Skagg and he was free. Skagg unleashed a powerful storm onto the city until he was struck by a lightning bolt from Thor's enchanted hammer. Odin then drained all of Skagg's evil power with his magical sword and the mighty storm giant fell in battle. 


Skagg was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1964 and first appeared in Journey Into Mystery # 104. 

Powers & Abilities

Skagg is a powerful storm giant with superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Skagg wields a massive, wooden war club which he could funnel water to create a giant water spout. Skagg has the ability to summon powerful storms to wreck havoc on cities or on his foes.

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