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Sizer is an IRO-bot created by Jesse Kilgannon and is one of only two created using Jesse's own DNA. Though Sizer looks much older he is actually only 10 years old. this is because his physical growth was accelerated during his creation while his "sister's" was not. Sizer looks up to Jesse as a father and is always seeking his approval though Jesse tries not to get attached to him for fear of losing him and being emotionally hurt. Sizer is willing to do anything Jesse asks and all he really wants is for Jesse to love him and tell him he's proud of him. He has the ability to grow to an immense size while transforming into a large beast with sharp claws. In this form Sizer is very powerful, very strong, and near unstoppable. His powers combined with his daddy issues make him a powerful juggernaut beast willing to do anything for the approval of a man he respects. He will destroy any foe and complete any task in exchange for nothing more than attention and praise from those he loves or respects.

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