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Chojuro with the other Kage.
Chojuro with the other Kage.

In terms of appearance Chojuro appears to be quite young, and small. Also having a nerdy type look about him. Chojuro does not appear to have the same drastic features as the other Seven Swordsmen, but he does have shark like teeth. On his face he wears black rimmed glasses, and his ears seem to be covered by what looks like headphones. He also wears short pants, that are camouflaged, and black boots, with open toes. The top he wears is striped, overall his clothing resembles the clothing worn by Zabuza Momochi. Chojuro also appears to be carrying a large weapon that is roughly the same size as his body, which is the sword Hiramekarei. The marking of his clan is indicated on the strap that covers his upper body.


Despite his membership in the elite Seven Swordsman group, he is shy, and he seems to lack confidence in his abilities. He also appears to admire the Fifth Mizukage , as he commented inwardly on wanting to protect her "beautiful smile".

Five Kage Summit Arc

Chojuro makes his first official appearance during the summoning of the Kages, each one heading out to a meeting., which is to be held at a Kage summit. It appears as though each Kage is allowed to take two body guards with them to the meeting. For Chojuro, he is one of those many body guards assigned to protect their respective Kage. The leader in which Chojuro is tasked with protecting is the Mizukage, a beautiful young woman who appears to be quite new in her role. Along with the Chojuro is Ao who is the other guard of the Mizukage. Just as their about to leave another Kirigakure shinobi remarks that Chojuro is one of the Seven Great Ninja Swordsmen, and that he must protect the Mizukage. Chojuro seems nervous by his mission, and seems to doubt himself. Immediately the Mizukage tells Chojuro to have faith in himself and that he was strong . Chojuro responds with a smile, quite taken by the beautiful Mizukage. Thinking she is very kind. Ao then lectures Chojuro, telling him to be a man. After the Mizugake threatens Ao, Chojuro thinks that he will protect her beautiful smile.

Shinobi World War

Later, he is seen when the last meeting is held in order to fully prepare for the war. The Mizukage tells him to contact Ao in the sensor division and tell him that they need to hurry. He is then seen traveling with Mei Terumī guarding the damaiyo.


Chōjūrō is a sword user, and his skills are good enough to allow him to be recognized as one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist by his village. He has also been hailed as an exceptional swordsman. The fact that he was also chosen to escort the Mizukage as well as is recognized as one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist is evidence that he is quite powerful despite of his meek demeanor. He wields a dual-handled sword called Hiramekarei, that is linked together at the handles by a chain.

Hiramekarei Unleashed
Hiramekarei Unleashed

When it is released from the bandages, it releases chakra that can be shaped into weapons such as an enormous hammer. He is shown to have enough strength to wield Hiramekarei in this form to send an opponent flying a considerable distance through a wall even if they have a strong defense, like Sasuke, who was using Susanoo's ribcage to defend himself. However, carrying the heavy sword for extended amounts of time does tire Chōjūrō out, similar to Suigetsu Hōzuki when wielding the beheading sword. Since the Mizukage chose him as a bodyguard shows that he is pretty strong ninja and one of the most elite in the village.

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