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Brief History

Meeting Joseph


Sister Maria was a nun in Guatemalan that runned an orphanage whom, for months, looked after an amnesic Joseph, better known as Magneto´s clone. Joseph stayed with sister Maria and the orphans, whom took a liking to Joseph very soon. Sister Maria specifically became very close with Joseph. This all changed when Sister Maria was threatened by a local industrialist, whom wanted to tear down her orphanage. Joseph interveaned, but this resulted in the deaths of many of the industrialist's hired mussle. Joseph was then asked to leave their ground, since the children had grown scarred of him. With Joseph gone, Maria found an article witch stated mutants. She soon figured out that Joseph was also a mutant. He wished him the best, but they would never see one another again.
Months after Joseph left the orphanage, a bounty hunter attacked Sister Maria and almost killed her. Only the timely arrival of Maggott and his worms saved her. Maggott's worms killed the bounty hunter and Maria was safe once again. She has not been seen since.

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