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Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

Integra was born into the Hellsing family, educated by her father Sir Arthur Hellsing the leader of the Hellsing Organization, She is also not to be under estimated , After training with Walter she is an excellent hand to hand combatant, and is more the capable with a sword mix this with her marksmanship which can only be bested by Alucard or Seras Victoria , She is one of the most dangerous humans in the world, None know this better than her personal Butler Walter C. Donez , He has trained her in many forms of self defence and use of weaponry, Integra looks to Walter for advice on time and has formed a close friendship, This may be due to the fact of the Strong bond her father had with Walter, The rest of Hellsing do not see this side of her and she will never let them she never shows them mercy or weakness.

Integra strong will and passion has earned her a place at the table of Royal Order of Protestant Knights, This group is charged with looking over England and protecting it, She is the only female at the table bar their leader, Many times the other knights have tried to walk over her and every time she has stood her ground, The head of the knights is the Queen of England .She came to power at twelve years old after the death of her father on his request, in1889, With this power came problems , The first one being her uncle Robert Hellsing trying to kill her for control of Hellsing, It was on this fateful day that she remembered something her father had told her about a powerful weapon hidden in the basement and use it for her protection. She had no choice but to find this weapon.

Alucard Brings home a friend

Integra with Alucard
Integra with Alucard

Years later the Hellsing organization is still very powerful if not more so with Integra leading the way, Alucard is send on a mission to a small village and ends up returning with Seras Victoria a newly turned vampire by Alucard’s hands. Then the two of them are sent on a mission to northern Ireland as Alucard and Seras arrive Integra gets some alarming information that the Catholics have sent their own personal best in Alexander Anderson. Preferring to face things head on Integra arrives at in northern Ireland to find Alucard headless and Seras about to be killed. Anderson is enraged when he see her calling the whore of Babylon and attacks killing two of Integra’s bodyguards as he attacks she blocks him with alarming speed and smiles as she tells him that Alucard is far from dead and cutting his head off would do nothing but anger him, realizes he cannot win and retreats.

At first Integra treats Seras as a little girl often referring to her a police girl. During the events of the Valentine brothers raid on the Hellsing Manor Seras is ordered by Walter to protect Integra and as she does she earns a little of Integra’s respect.


After the attack She is forced to look for new men, Walter finds her the wild Geese a small group of mercenaries, She questions if men who work for money can be trusted and Walter reassures her that they would die in the line of duty, Assigning Seras to baby sit them Integra unwittingly set up what will make Seras a full vampire. After the attack Integra calls a meeting between herself and the Catholic leader Enrico Maxwell, Enrcio insults her and Integra does not even flinch as Alucard appears wanting blood so does Anderson the fight is quickly broken up and Integra learns of Millennium a team of Nazi she thought destroyed by Walter and Alucard years ago. Walter is unsure how anyone could have survived the attack and Integra believes him and starts her investigation.

Integra with one of her trademark cigarettes.
Integra with one of her trademark cigarettes.

A warship is taken over off the coast of Dover Integra sends Alucard to investigate as she goes to naval command is invaded by Millennium and their freak troops. Walter kills a small platoon of them and is then faced with the Captain A powerful werewolf, He tells Integra to run and as she leaves the scene she is faced with Iscariot section XIII and Anderson they have been order to take her as a prisoner a dispute breaks out about if this is right or wrong and Anderson prepares to protect her in a twist but just then Seras Victoria arrives with her new found powers and Anderson informs the rest of iscariot that they can not beat her. Leaving the scene Seras takes Integra to A fight that has now broken out between the traitor Walter and Alucard Proving her strength and coldness she orders Alucard to destroy Walter.

As the fight breaks out below Seras takes Integra to the command blimp of Millennium were Seras Face the Captain and Integra goes of to face the Major , After defeating The Captain Seras finds Integra and the battle ensue with Hellsing winning the day, Integra feels the death of Alucard as he passes away but she is not sure he is gone, Turning to Seras they flee the blimp as it is destroyed and the two of them watch as Millennium burns but she calls out as Walter dies in the flames as she feels her servant and protector die.

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