Sinestro Corps

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#1 Posted by bigtime88 (21 posts) - - Show Bio

If you havent read this book yet go get it. It is really good and looks to be something special.

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#2 Posted by Shattered Hand (173 posts) - - Show Bio

100% Agreement! This book looks like the best book come out of the poop shot that DC is putting out nowadays! Countdown my ballz.

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#3 Posted by gmanfromheck (42364 posts) - - Show Bio

This right here was worth the admission:

Then there's Cyborg Superman and Superboy Prime. It's gonna be BAD news for the GL Corps.

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#4 Posted by Methos (40531 posts) - - Show Bio

holy crap, it's a kyle parallax!!!


now i have to pick up that issue...

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#5 Posted by AmberLove (585 posts) - - Show Bio

I just read parts 1-3 and it's definitely worth it. I might bail out with the Mogo battle. I'm not that into GLC that I need to read that issue.

So what has happened to the Ion power now? Is it still in Kyle next to Parallax or has it been shoved out of his body and searching for someone new?

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#6 Posted by King Saturn (220796 posts) - - Show Bio

Man I loved the Sinestro Corps series its awesome man

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#7 Posted by Nighthunter (29571 posts) - - Show Bio

the best comic event in years

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#8 Posted by Cosmic Sentinel (3733 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree, I think it was way better than most of the crossovers I've seen recently.

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#9 Posted by bigtime88 (21 posts) - - Show Bio

Ion power is now in Daxamite Sodam Yat. This is how crossovers should be done

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