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Started by   Kristoffer A. Silver in 1986; mainly working with titles and characters he created.  The company ceased publication in 1987, but resurfaced as Greater Mercury Comics in 1989.

Silverwolf is probably best known for giving the first widespread publicity to the art of Tim Vigil in his work on Grips, one of the few titles that continued beyond the first handful of issues. The company also published some of the first work by the artist Ron Lim, who drew the first four page Grips story in the pages of "Silverwolf Bulletin #2."  Subsequently, Tim Vigil was brought onboard and re-drew the book.  Lim went on to publish his firs work on another title, "The Eradicators."

The dissolution of Silverwolf and the beginning of Greater Mercury was described in detail by  Silver in an editorial originally published within "Tink" issue 1.  He claims he wasn’t paid for his product by other companies such as Crown, Glenwood and Comics Express, while others denied receiving his product and refused to pay.  The article is heavy with blame for several parties involved, including his own employees.  Specifically stating:

"A number of people who worked at Silver Wolf became disenchanted when they realized that they would no longer be part of the comic book industry. They were knocked of the imaginary pedestal that they had set themselves upon. I became the object of their frustration. So be it; I cannot worry myself over childish temper tantrums."

 At the conclusion of the editorial he claims he retrieved the rights to his characters and Greater Mercury remains solvent.    

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