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Little is known about Silverfin's origins. He is an Irish Traveller, and was presumably raised in Ireland in the Traveller community. He moved to London, England at some point and took up crime-fighting.


Silverfin was created by writer James Robinson and artist Frazer Irving. He first appeared in The Shade #9.

Major Story Arcs

The Shade

Silverfin assists the Shade in the capture of the Scarlet Terror. Though identified as a hero, he condones Shade's murder of the man. He passes on a Traveller charm to Shade and promises that he will reclaim the favour that he is now owed in time. Much later, Silverfin is involved in the battle in London against the recently unleashed Celestial Pharaoh and Nhut. He aids Shade by casting a spell to evoke Scathach, enabling Shade to transport them away from London and into a pocket dimension or void. After the battle concludes, he and Shade speak briefly, and then part ways.

Powers and Abilities

Silverfin possesses a largely unexplored capability for magic. The origin or extent of these powers are unknown.

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