What does it take to be the BIGGEST Silver Surfer Fan?

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I am not talking about mass comparisons.

I am talking about, what is the checklist for becoming the biggest fan of the Marvel Character "Silver Surfer"?

Here is what I am thinking so far:

  • Own Every Appearance of the "Silver Surfer" / "Norrin Radd" (Comic, HC, TPB, Trading Cards)
  • Read/Watch Every Appearance
  • Own ALL the available Statues
  • Own the NES Game
  • Own the Life Size Standee from the "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Movie"
  • Watch and love the 1994 movie short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq9YDASoLpE
  • Own and watch the Silver Surfer and Fantastic Four Cartoons
  • Dedicate a "Collection Room" for the display and enjoyment

<edit>Wishlist Items:

  • Tatoo


What else?

I realize this is a pretty high bar for any collection, but at least I am not trying to collect every Batman appearance! I also realize my comicvine username has nothing to do Mr. Radd, but the "Thanos Rules" is a sentimental phrase from my distant past.

Anyway, thanks for reading.


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Awwh that's awesome. I definitely think your a contender. Great collection, and appreciation for Surfer. Cool! 
As for your competition, I also think that anyone who is a jloneblackheart is in automatic contention (sorry, thats an in joke)  
Welcome to CV, and thank you for sharing your appreciation/checklist. I am a big fan, but out of the running myself =(

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I wouldn't say I have all the appearances, but I definitely have the majority of them. I will have that life size statue one day.

I think you're also forgetting tattoo...

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Oh yeah! Tatoo... Great addition!

I do know what I *want* it to look like:

Thanos vs Silver Surfer (B&W)

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