What Culture "10 most powerful superheroes"

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#1 Posted by Bezza (5019 posts) - - Show Bio

Silver Surfer is voted number 1, ahead of Dr M and Martian Manhunter with Superman down in 8th (way too low in my opinion). Do Silver Surfer fans agree? With the power cosmic, I guess he probably is the most powerful recognisable superhero.

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@bezza: Depends on who is considered a "hero" during these votes. Franklin Richards is a reality warper and could be put at #1 but he might not be considered popular enough to be in the list. Another problem is that these people who make the lists don't read comics so their opinion should always be taken extremely lightly. I also disagree with majority of the list btw. Nova and Jean Grey? C'mon man.

  1. Silver Surfer
  2. Dr Manhattan
  3. Martian Manhunter
  4. Thor
  5. Nova
  6. Dr Strange
  7. Jean Grey
  8. Superman
  9. Flash
  10. Hulk
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#3 Edited by captnmcdeadpool (1001 posts) - - Show Bio

He's powerful...but not that powerful. Anyone ever hear of Jim Corrigan? Surfy would probably make most top ten lists though.

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I can't mix the two companies. They are two different universes. But my top seven for each:


1. Franklin Richards

2. Dr. Strange

3. Silver Surfer

4. Scarlet Witch

5. Hulk or Thor (Depending on what day it is)

6. Thor or Hulk

7. Daimon Hellstorm


1. Dr. Manhattan

2. Martian Manhunter

3. Superman

4. Flash

5. Green Lantern

6. Wonder Woman

7. Supergirl

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#5 Posted by Primebonnick (3783 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel in no order



silver surfer


black bolt

Franklin Richards

dr strange


captain marvel/ ms marvel


DCnU no order


wonder woman

captain marvel

martain manhunter


Captain atom

dr manhattan

dr fate

Green Lantern

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1 League symbols for things from the real reality.

One Above All , The Fulcrum ( authors of the comics ) Protégé ( Cosmic Mimicry = copyright infringement , etc. One Above All Above All instead of one )

First Galactus with his versigelten Power = Ultimate Nullifier (the end ) . Yin and yang (DC and Marvel Publishing )

2 League carriers of all Supreme Power ( Power to the one an author can give a )

Support the heart of Eternity ( once Thanos ) , Living Tribunal united with Stranger

Nemesis (ok I might be considered a little high but still was more powerful than all Unentgeltlichkeitssteine ​​the multiverse together) .

3 League Unlimited power (usually only potential)

Hulk ( infinite source of energy , not Copyable ) , Korvac and Maelstrom ( can absorb infinite energy ) , " NewGott " Diablo (can all " gods absorb force and strengthen " ) Mikaboshi (approximately 3 times the power of all that he kills )

llyanna " Magik " Rasputin ( power of magical creatures they kill + special power over time . Could the story of your change [ 616 ] without changing universe itself ) .

Cosmic cube ( or parts thereof) in connection with a perfect man ( or human -like creatures ) . Krona ( DC) Mikaboshi

4 League Almighty within its borders

Carrier Infinity Gauntlet ( within the appropriate universe) ,

Akhenaten ( probably ) [/

Amadeus Cho and Hercules ( short time only )

Marquis of Death

Carrier infinity of a stone when he mastered it perfectly ( of course only in the field of stone )

The people of the Beyonders (not confirmed )

Forge (can build everything that is possible )

Shuma - Gorath ( his home universe + immortality of the highest level)

Sise - Neg

5 League incarnations literally part of the universe ( some higher beings are also included ) and about gods

Death & Oblivion , Eternity & Infinity

Mistress Love , Hate Master Lord Chaos , Master Order Anthropomorpho

X-Man ( astral plane) Unipower ( Captain Universe , life force ) Nekron ( DC) Kismet ( DC) The people of the Beyonders (not confirmed ) , Phoenix force , Chronos , Un -Being (?) Origin ( behind all superheroes and supervillains ) Anomaly , Megnato Iceman (and some other Omega mutants) could ascend to this rank ( someday ) .

Talisman Coronet of Enchantment ( whose can this power to summon and control a while )

(if they have also charged )


Elder God

Trion Juggenaut

Hawk - God


great Beasts

6 Super beings cosmic beings

(those to the Celestials are like Cap America and Red Skull to humans)

Super - Ego

Super observers


Thorion as The Celestial

Exitar The Exterminator


Onslaught , PSI Lord

7 Celestials level


the Vielwinkligen


the observer

The old of universe

God fathers as Odin

8 Almost Invincible with ordinary weapons except one uses their weakness

( Planet killer or people who endure more than one planet )


Silver Surfer

modern Superman

9 About being. With enough heavy weapons to defeat + gas mostly.

Or what is normally found in the 2 to 100 ton class

At this level usually begins Hulk .

the thing (initially 5 ton class at 30,000 tons last measurement almost immortal )



Spider-Man if he has a good day .

10th Human heroes ( sheep up to 501 kg )

Cap America

MVP (optimal human terms what physical abilities . )



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#7 Edited by JuliusTakalua (379 posts) - - Show Bio

lack of love for the new gods makes me sad :'(

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#8 Posted by Bezza (5019 posts) - - Show Bio

Where is Captain Atom in people's DC lists?!

Surely the DC top 5 is Cap Atom, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Flash and shazam?

My Marvel list would include Sentry, Thor, Hulk and Silver Surfer....Professor X?

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#9 Posted by THORSON (4474 posts) - - Show Bio

thor will always be #1

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#11 Posted by BlackStarOblivion (1404 posts) - - Show Bio

Aside from massive cosmic entities, skyfather level beings, etc....he's on up the power scale.

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