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The return of the Midnight Sun! Plus some surprising guest stars make an appearance!

After Thanos' defeat, Adam Warlock now possesses the Infinity Gauntlet. The Surfer, Dr. Strange and Thunderstrike know this item is too much for any man to possess and oppose him, but he just transports them back to Strange's mansion with a thought.

Strange tells them they have little hope of retrieving the gauntlet from Warlock and they can only hope that he uses the power wisely. They part ways.

Silver Surfer plans to destroy the monument which still stands built by Thanos. But by the Moon he is atttacked by the Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun just wants answers as to who he is but cannot speak. He will not allow Surfer to leave and believes he would rather die than be ignorant.

He is no match for the Surfer but has finally gotten his attention, which he wanted. He plays dead and Surfer comes closer to tend to his injuries. Midnight Sun attacks again but now the Surfer is angry. He unleashes on him, badly injuring him. Again he tends to the Sun's wounds and removes his mask to reveal a very deformed individual. Angry that he has been seen, Midnight Sun attacks again. They are stopped by Black Bolt when he simply whispers 'stop.'

Karnak informs them that they are not to fight on the home of the Inhumans. Surfer apologizes and explains the situation. They allow Midnight Sun to return with them to Attilian so they may find a way of communicating with him and he stays. Surfer and Midnight Sun part on good terms.

When leaving, the Surfer is contacted by the Collector. Surfer has no interest in helping him with his lost collections. But Collector tells the Surfer that if one of his items is not found it may cause the deaths of millions. Surfer agrees to help him.

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