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Silver Surfer travels through Virtual Reality's maze in which he meets Denial, Doubt and Guilt in the form of his old allies, the Defenders. They represent the sum of all of the Surfer's fears. They tell him that he is shackled to these emotions forever and the Surfer then finds himself tethered to the floor in chains.

In order for him to escape, Virtual Reality tells him he must sever the links that bind him. He must search inside himself for the answer.

He is then met by his mother. She tells him her death was not his fault and that he should stop blaming himself. She unlocks one of his shackles. He is next met by his father. Surfer also believes it his fault that his father also committed suicide. His father tells him that it was not the Surfer's fault but his own. Jartran was never able to forgive himself. He unlocks one of the shackles.

The Surfer is then greeted by Shall Bal. Surfer has much guilt that he pushed her away from him and ran to the stars. She forgives him and tells him she will be waiting when he is ready. She unlocks a shackle. The next to visit him are Nova and Mantis. They tell him they do not hold him responsible for his actions because he is emotionally immature. Mantis tells the Surfer that it is not his fault she is gone. They unlock a shackle.

But one shackle remains and there will be no more visitors. He realizes the only person that has not given him his forgiveness is himself. He reaches inside himself to retrieve the final key. He unlocks himself and finds himself in the Hall of Absolutes.

Virtual Reality tells him that he will no longer see things in black and white. Surfer wants to know if this place truly exists but Reality tells him that it does not matter if it does or not and the Surfer has obtained valuable knowledge and is now better prepared to complete the task at hand, defeating Thanos.

He is instantly transported to the place he was before, waiting with Adam Warlock to make their move on Thanos.

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