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On Titan, the Surfer, Starfox, Mentor and Drax examine Thanos' body. They all believe him to be dead but Drax does not. Drax claims he is linked to Thanos and that he is not dead. Mentor believes that Drax's mind is no longer what it used to be and to be disregarded. The Surfer remains wary.

In orbit, the Surfer is greeted by C2DT42, a deputy process server from Dynamo City. He asks the Surfer to appear before board of inquiry over the death of Thanos, a citizen of the city. Surfer says he does not abide by their laws but when a will and testament is brought up the Surfer goes to the city.

Upon entering the city his board disappears and his Power Cosmic is removed, the city itself being a omni-energy absorbing complex. Surfer tries to flee but is trapped by the guards and brought before the court. The judge uses a mind probe to obtain all the facts of Thanos' death and give the information to the jury.

While they determine a verdict, a video is played with Thanos' will. He claims that he has gotten his finally vengeance on the Surfer through bringing him here and he will be trapped there forever. The jury reaches it's verdict, claiming that the Surfer accidentally killed Thanos and is not guilty.

As he tries to leave the city a guard asks him for his Exit Tax, which is 5 credits. He does not have the money and tries to leave forcefully but the guards stop him from leaving. C2DT42 suggests that the Surfer get a job to pay the tax.

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