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Silver Surfer returns with the Skrulls to their homeworld, Satriani. S'byll demonstrates that she can maintain her form and starts giving the power of shape-shifting back to her people.

Meanwhile Clumsy Foulup is meeting with the Supreme Leader. He agrees to betray Reptyl. It is revealed that the apparition appearing to Clumsy was the Contemplator. He cannot die and Reptyl only killed his physical form. He wants his revenge on Reptyl and the distruction of the Skrulls. He plans to take over the remaining empire.

Back on Satriani, the Stranger has appeared. He claims he will take S'byll back to his planet for study. He escases Silver Surfer in some type of metal ball. Super Skrull then attacks and reveals the invisible army of the Badoon. They have allied with the Kree and are ready for war. The Stranger starts to escape with S'byll.

Surfer manages to stall him when a ship approaches. It is Reptyl and he offers his entire crew for the Empress. He accepts and leaves. Reptyl offers his allegiance to the Skrulls, to protect reptilian species.

Back with the Kree, it is now time for Clumsy to make his move. And Shalla Bal has finally made the connection to all the feelings she has been having - that Nenora is really a Skrull.

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